The Wunderlich program 60/5

Innovative Customer-Centric

Try for 60 Days 

Judge for Yourself, Make Your Needs the Benchmark  

Test results and reviews are proven, but we firmly believe that nothing beats your own informed judgment, where you make your own needs the benchmark. It is from this conviction that our right to return has emerged. Risk-Free Testing: The Wunderlich 60-Day Return Policy! 

5-Year Warranty 

Our confidence in the value of our own components 

Our trust in the value of our own components, parts & accessories is our top priority. That's why we willingly offer a 5-year warranty on our proprietary products. 

60/5* stands for a 60-day return policy and 5-year warranty.

With this, we provide you with a customer-centric, comprehensive worry-free package that you won't find with any other provider 

Wunderlich. Innovative and Customer-Centric. 

*Applies to Wunderlich proprietary products and components labeled as such in our online shop.

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Of course, we will gladly accept your message via e-mail. We will answer you within a very short time - guaranteed!

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