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Whoever chooses BMW's CE 04 scooter also consciously decides to choose an exclusive design object and has the same, high demands on the quality of the design of the accessory components.

This excellent leg protection cover represents sophisticated design integration, highest functionality and quality. It was designed specifically for the BMW CE 04 model and perfectly tailored. Thanks to the waterproof and soft-lined, high-quality PVC fabric, it offers maximum protection and comfort even at high speeds. The shape-giving and stabilising cut of the leg cover, which prevents fluttering, contributes to this just as much as the integrated reinforcements and the tapered upper end. It also offers excellent protection against cold, moisture, wind and rain, extending far up the body.

The retaining system consists of three adjustable retaining straps each on the right and left. They fix the leg cover positively and securely in the area of the front and lower fairing. This not only looks well integrated, but also ensures that no splash water can penetrate at the transition from the fairing to the leg cover. With the generous openings parallel to the running boards, getting on and off is effortless. When riding, the legs are excellently protected and at the same time, when stopping, they can step safely and unhindered on the road at any time. The retaining system is completed by the adjustable elastic strap that closes in the rider's back. When riding the scooter, it ensures that the cover sits both comfortably and tightly against the body. When the CE 04 is turned off, the leg cover protects the driver's seat against rain and dirt.

The shaping and attachment points are perfectly adapted to the scooter, so that assembly or disassembly is easy to manage.



  • Excellent leg protection cover that stands for sophisticated design integration, maximum functionality and quality
  • Developed and designed specifically for the BMW CE 04
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Waterproof and soft-lined
  • The leg cover offers the highest level of protection and comfort - maximum protection from the cold and wet, extending over the legs up to below the chest
  • Highly dimensionally stable and flutter-proof
  • Effortless, comfortable mounting and alighting
  • Ride as usual, uncomplicated, safe, comfortable - and perfectly protected
  • Safe stopping by allowing feet to step unhindered on the road at all times through the generous openings
  • Secure, integral, positive-locking retention system
  • Additional protection for the driver's seat when the scooter is parked
  • Simple attachment and removal of the leg cover

Technical information

  • Material
    • PVC fabric, waterproof and soft-lined, high-quality finish, accurate fit and carefully crafted
  • Colour
    • Black

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