What does »Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW?« actually mean?

»Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW.« - Our motto is based on three pillars ...

From our many customer meetings we know that, alongside an integrated design, you attach the greatest importance to quality, fitting accuracy, workmanship, durability and the utility and functionality of our products.

We often hear words like »...but I need something decent and proper«. That something is decent and proper no longer seems a given fact today. This involves something that you always implicitly presuppose – it's something reliable, something tangible, proper, real. Something that is solid and sensible – and of course reasonable. It's like the cheap spanner you finally replace with a decent one after you injure yourself or the screw head tears off. We understand what you mean! We think the same way. We believe in the value, quality and reliability of the things we develop and produce. And we feel obligated to take responsibility for and respect both people and nature.

We want to express this with our motto »Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW.«. It's based on three important pillars:

The first pillar:

Small series. Hand-crafted.

Wunderlich components have a value. A value that is not arbitrary, but enduring.

Ever since Erich Wunderlich founded his company, everything here revolves around high-quality motorcycle components. As a passionate rider, he always had a fine and keen feel for the needs of fellow riders. Right from the start, he laid claim to statements such as innovation, functionality, quality, ergonomics, comfort, all-round protection and security. Nothing has changed to this day. And above all, however, there is the utter joy of riding which all high-quality, functionally thoughtful and refined Wunderlich components offer. Doing away with the superfluous, no frills, not breaking under normal conditions and with a functional, integrated design.

We operate in a field of tension where we are widely recognised around the world as a specialist in high-quality BMW accessory components on the one hand, yet our products aren't mass-produced goods – completely the opposite, in fact! These are made by hand in small batches.

The share of Wunderlich products developed by us in the portfolio increases from year to year. There are good reasons for this: There is nothing comparable. Wunderlich products are those that we develop ourselves, test and then manufacture according to our high quality specifications together with selected manufacturing companies with whom we have already been working reliably for many years. Specialists like ourselves. These are mechanical workshops, welding companies, plastic processing companies and saddlers, to name just a few examples. Craft businesses or medium-sized companies, mostly from the region, the Westerwald, the Eifel or the Rhineland. Not infrequently, they are also specialists in Europe if there is no regional alternative. Master craftsmen and production technicians with a great deal of experience and state-of-the-art machinery, with a firm awareness of traditional values, the highest quality and precision, but especially of their own values, who proudly manufacture solid products.

The steps in the production of our engine protection Extreme,  and our rider suit are vivid examples of the elaborate manufacturing process. We would not be specialists if, in addition to knowing our customers' requirements, we did not constantly expand our know-how for the demands of the latest design and manufacturing processes.

Care, Skill and Experience

In ervery step of the process

The working steps in the production of our rider suit - #44992-XXX / #44993-XXX

Precise preparation of the cut

CNC cutting of the high-quality fabrics

Accurate logo embroidery

Yarns of high tensile strength

Exact zip processing

Careful setting of the press studs

Waterproof laminate with Wunderlich logo

Waterproof welded seams

Meticulous final inspection

The second pillar

Quality. Totally reliable.

Wunderlich has a comprehensive management system that is verified, certified and regularly monitored in accordance with approval-relevant requirements. 

What sounds cumbersome has tangible benefits for you, our customers.

Broken hand levers, burst brake cylinders? Every motorcyclist can imagine the consequences, in the worst case they are fatal. More and more frequently, even safety-relevant motorcycle parts without approval are appearing on the market, which are simply brazen product counterfeits. Brands are blatantly imitated right down to the original packaging. The highly criminal suppliers simply do not care about the consequences for motorcyclists. Tracking them down often turns out to be impossible.

Only with ABE: brake and clutch levers (item no.: 25750-xxx) are only available from us with ABE in order to ensure the greatest possible safety for the rider

A first indicator for such fake parts is indeed the price. You should therefore definitely keep your hands off conspicuously cheap "brand-name" components. They are cheap and produced without quality checks. The cheap price can only be realised by rigorously saving on the quality of the materials used, the manufacturing processes and not least on the lack of consistent quality management. This often goes so far that the plagiarism lacks important technical or necessary design features that ensure its function.

With our own products and components, we stand for cutting-edge design and consistently high quality and for what constitutes "Made in Germany". We therefore only manufacture our own components that are approvable, i.e. they are either provided with an ABE (General Operating Permit), EG-ABE or a TÜV certificate. All other products in our range are not subject to homologation.

This ensures compliance with the safety-relevant regulations. The certificate is the prerequisite for us to be able to apply for TÜV appraisals or ABE for our own products and components at the KBA. 

The auditing and certification were carried out by engineers from TÜV Rheinland. The effort we put into design development, homologation and permanent quality monitoring by independent testing institutes ensures that the components are safe and that you can rely on them. That is what makes "Anständige Komponenten". This means that Wunderlich customers are always on the safe side: firstly with regard to quality, secondly with regard to safety and thirdly with regard to the legality of the components.

This effort also freely trickles down to the price. And so it must. For as Sir Frederick Henry Royce once said: "Quality is born when the price has long been forgotten".

The same holds true for safety.

The third pillar

Wunderlich BLAU - Responsibility und sustainability.

"With Wunderlich BLAU we are on the right track! However, we have not yet reached our goal." Wunderlich Managing Director Frank Hoffmann on Wunderlich BLAU and our goals:

"We are committed to responsibility for people and nature. In concrete terms and in relation to the environment, this means that we are in a constant process in which we consistently focus on sustainability in all parts of the company. In this way, we constantly identify relevant potentials in the production processes, in the process organisation and in logistics. After an evaluation process, we prefer to implement those that promise the highest effects. What particularly pleases me is that our employees support this initiative with conviction and have developed an ambitious sensitivity for this topic and the possibilities with joy. With Wunderlich BLAU we are on the right track! However, we have not yet reached our goal."

At Wunderlich, we are committed to responsibility and respect for people and the environment.

Although we are internationally active, we are down-to-earth and have been firmly rooted in the Ahrweiler district since the company was founded. Economically, we take care to manufacture our products regionally, so that our Wunderlich products are "Made in Germany" wherever possible. Compared to procurement on the global markets, the transport routes are short and calculable and thus environmentally friendly and resource-saving. Added to this is the long, close and reliable relationship with our partners.
We always visit our suppliers' factories to ensure that they work exclusively under socially acceptable conditions. It is essential that people are never socially disadvantaged or exploited in connection with a company project.
With all the measures mentioned, we contribute to fully living up to our social obligation and our respect for people and nature.