Protective components.

Their purpose - their limits

The basic purpose of our protection components for the motorcycle, such as our engine and tank guards, our valve cover and cylinder protectors or our axle protection pads, is to protect the motorcycle itself, or part of it, as effectively as possible.

What is their job ...

  • The continuation of the journey after a mishap should be ensured as far as possible,
  • although for obvious reasons we have to accept that the protective element may be damaged or destroyed.
  • The risk of damage to the motorcycle or the protected section - i.e. the risk of possible secondary damage - should be reduced, avoided or prevented altogether as far as possible.

In the design and dimensioning of our protection components, we fundamentally attach great importance to the most comprehensive protective effect possible.

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Fits to:

  • R 1250 GS
  • R 1250 GS Adventure
  • R 1250 R
  • R 1250 RS
  • R 1250 RT

To the product

... and where are the limits of the protection systems

Heterogeneous environmental conditions and their influence on the effects
Studies show that the probability that the environmental conditions and therefore also the effects of accident situations are supposedly identical or comparable is close to zero. The condition of the road surface, the course of the track, obstacles such as crash barriers, walls or ditches to the right and left of the track, the weather, the load, the speed, the line being ridden and the technical condition of the motorcycle and tyres are just some of the determinants that can have a direct influence on the real effects - both positive and negative - of a slip. Added to this, of course, is the unpredictable behaviour of other road users with whom we have to share the road. This is especially true in critical situations.
We therefore know from experience that there can be effects that can result in major damage that even the best protection components cannot absorb. Similarly, this also applies to the environmental conditions in the event of simple falling over.

In search of a compromise between maximum protection and drivability
When designing protective components, we are forced to make compromises with regard to the dimensions of the components and assemblies and the resulting weight and geometry: The weaker the components are designed and dimensioned, the lower their protective effect. Conversely, it would be possible to guarantee 100 per cent protection with sufficient dimensioning, but with the unacceptable disadvantage that rideability would be massively restricted. The design therefore follows the trade-off of maximising the protective effect without compromising the rideability of the motorcycle due to the protective component.

This realisation, which highlights the possibilities and limits of protective components, is part of the truth.

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