Frank Hoffmann

The manager and driving force

Frank Hoffmann has been Managing Director of the company since 2015. His success is no coincidence, as Frank Hoffmann „lived“ the motorcycle long and hard before his time at Wunderlich.

A distinction is made between professional motorbike technicians and gifted riders. The former dedicate themselves to the fascination of technology and exploit its possibilities to the limit in order to constantly develop it further, while the latter are called to riding. And they also test the limits. What they both have in common is that they use their intuition and anticipation to constantly expand what is possible, because this is the only way to make progress. In Frank Hoffmann, both talents are combined in the best possible way - even beyond the motorcycle.

With his sure instinct for new and innovative potential, the manager provides important impetus for the company.

In addition to the remarkable, successful development of the company, he has consistently expanded the value and appeal of the Wunderlich the brand worldwide with the international strategic orientation of the company in recent years.

Wunderlich Managing Director Frank Hoffmann