Stefan Nebel - Wunderlich brand ambassador

Anyone who is enthusiastic about the international top series of motorcycle racing will be familiar with the pleasant, characteristic voice: the voice of Stefan Nebel

His comments are legendary, his interviews on Servus TV testify to great technical competence, spiced with exciting insider knowledge from the inner circle of Moto GP and World Superbike Championship. But there is something else that resonates when you listen to his interviews and comments. He is someone who doesn't just know racing from watching it, but someone who is blazingly fast on a motorbike himself - and has impressively proven it with numerous championships in different classes. Someone who knows how it feels when the nerves are stretched to breaking point, who knows the tactical and strategic finesses and twists of the teams and riders and is therefore not only capable of confident analysis, but also conveys the associated emotions to the viewer excellently and at close quarters.

"I can't live without a motorcycle!"

 Stefan Nebel can't live without a motorcycle. He says so himself. For him, it means freedom. For him, it means emotion, and it has accompanied and shaped him not least since his earliest youth. Like many motorcycle-crazy people, his life began with a Yamaha PW50. He got it as a gift from his father, who had bought it for his junior from the prize money , he had won at a motorbike race. Stefan Nebel was three years old at the time.

And many of us remember that too, the transmission of the virus for motorcycling from the "Old Man", the imparting of the great joy that motorcycles give us in wrenching and riding, that accompanies us through life, that you can't get rid of and that becomes a passion.

Stefan Nebel's deep understanding of motorcycle technology builds on his solid technical training on motorcycles. He simply wanted to know what actually happens underneath him when he sits on a machine! The curiosity, this technical enthusiasm, his know-how paired with his experience as a racer provided the basis for his development commitments in the motorcycle and accessories industry.
Stefan Nebel combines an enthusiasm for technology, a deep passion for motorcycling and an affinity for the ergonomics of fast motorcycling resulting from racing, the basic principles of which can be applied to all motorbikes. And the experience gained over many years as a technician and rider. His driving force was to constantly improve himself and perfect himself.

This makes him the perfect partner for Wunderlich.

Frank Hoffmann, Wunderlich Managing Director: "When it comes to our components, the technical aspects play the most important role. The innovation, the quality, the functionality, sustainable manufacturing processes. These are important core competencies that define our brand. I also include sustainable thinking. And the joy of riding, actually the joy of life that motorbikes and motorcycling give us. This is pure emotion. Stefan Nebel embodies our spirit, our Wunderlich 360° view with his enthusiasm for technology, his emotional attachment to motorcycling, the joy of riding at its best. Not to forget sportsmanship, the courage, the determination to compete and to always improve. In every respect. We have found a credible representative in him, someone who reflects our actions, our attitude as a person, as a human being and represents Wunderlich as a company and our portfolio of high-quality BMW motorcycle components with credibility and conviction. I am delighted that we were able to win Stefan for Wunderlich and look forward to working with him as a Wunderlich brand ambassador. “

Stefan Nebel Milestones

Racing career

1994 and 1995 Mini Bike Champion
1997 ADAC Junior Cup Champion
2002 Superstock - DM Champion
2002 Supersport - DM Vice-Champion German Superbike Championship

Developer and test rider

Industrial assignments as developer and test rider at the top addresses of the motorbike and accessories industry

 Instructor for race trainings

Presenter and commentator for the international top motorbike racing series

Since 2015, Stefan has been commentating and presenting international top racing series in his inimitable way, including currently the Moto GP as well as the World Superbike Championship for Servus TV

Wunderlich brand ambassador from 2021