Proper luggage solutions. Innovative and durable.

We are known for our well-thought-out, innovative luggage solutions that are specialised for BMW motorcycles.  

These include THE absolute all-rounder and classic among tank bags: the extremely hard-wearing and adaptable ELEPHANT tank bag that has proven its mettle on every continent. It’s all the same whether it's a map holder, photo insert or cool bag, there's nothing it can't do.

For everyday journeys, we recommend our ELEPHANT Sport tank bag or our practical and luggage rack bags. Not forgetting our versatile handlebar bags, the ingenious and custom-fit handmade bags that integrate beautifully into the fairing, tank guard or even as a gap bag between the rear rack and tail light. This means no storage space goes unused.

And in 2021, a completely new series was added: the ELEPHANT DRYBAG bags, puristic, waterproof and available as tank bags, case top bags as well as pillion and luggage rack bags.

Our programme rounds off our popular robust EXTREME case series. Crafted by hand from high-quality aluminium, with durable stainless steel fittings. Made to hold. Just like our luggage rails for the original Vario cases for the GS.

»ELEPHANT« & Co. – A small materials science.

With our approach of only delivering the best quality, our tank bags and motorcycle bags are made almost exclusively from high-quality CORDURA® fabric. They are labelled with our CORDURA® label.

But what actually is CORDURA®? CORDURA® is a material characterised by its superior abrasion resistance and robustness. This is a registered trademark of the Swiss company Invista. Its developers created a special process for manufacturing technical fabrics made of polyamide, also known as nylon. The special thing about it: when manufacturing CORDURA®, polyamide fibres are first cut systematically and then spun again in order to be woven at the end. This gives it its most important, specific material and fabric properties. It is more tear and abrasion-proof as well as more robust than conventional nylon. The lightly roughened surface gives the material a comfortable, slip-proof grip. It is water-repellent: moisture simply beads off and dries extremely quickly. What makes CORDURA® especially interesting for our purposes is its extraordinary abrasion-resistance compared to cotton, polyester or conventional nylon. Tank bags and bags are constantly faced with tough conditions on the motorcycle. Wind and weather, moisture and rain, dirt but also the UV radiation from sunlight as well as the ever-present, mechanical stresses challenge the material to the extreme. While other, cheaper materials wear out relatively fast under this stress and lose both stability and reliability, CORDURA® retains its material properties and look over a long period of use.

The classic »ELEPHANT« range.

But not all CORDURA® is the same. CORDURA® 330, the lightest and thinnest version, is usually used in clothing or very light bags. CORDURA® 500 is ideal primarily when it comes to maximum robustness with minimal weight, like in our new DRYBAG series. At Wunderlich, we only make our classic ELEPHANT range using CORDURA® 1000, the »outdoor armour« and the perfect material with the greatest resistance by far.

Despite all the advantages, however, specialists know that CORDURA® also has one drawback: due to its rough structure and the resulting larger surface area, it can only be coated using processes that are more intensive than those used for nylon. The coating is applied using a PVC-free acrylic or polyurethane coating. Impregnation with fluorocarbon also makes our fabric dirt and water-repellent. We go to this effort with the conviction that by manufacturing this uniquely high-quality technical fabric we can make perfect, durable, hard-wearing and appealing motorcycle bags.

This intensive process and the careful manufacture and processing have a value. A value that is reflected in the price, that MUST be reflected in the price. We stand by this. The price is something you forget entirely though when your Wunderlich tank bag keeps doing a good job reliably even years and countless kilometres later. Just like the first day.

»ELEPHANT DRYBAG«. Puristic. Waterproof.

We've added a new member to the ELEPHANT range in 2021: the DRYBAG series. All of the bags in the ELEPHANT DRYBAG series are characterised by a stripped-back, puristic design with high recognition factor and their totally waterproof manufacture. They are UV-stable with a robust design and long-lasting.

As with the traditional ELEPHANT CORDURA®, here the design makes use of CORDURA® 500. The finer mesh structure emphasises the puristic look of the new range. To achieve this waterproofing and form stability, this high-quality technical fabric is laminated on the inside with a durable layer of TPU. All seams and duplications are carefully stitched to be waterproof. The zips are manufactured to a high quality as well as waterproof and dustproof. They’re comfortable to handle.

At the top, the DRYBAG closes using an additionally integrated protective cap, which is manufactured in the same way as the tank bag itself. The protective cap also covers the top side of the bags as well as the zips. This construction ensures they remain completely waterproof. 

The protective cap includes a multi-use holder system consisting of regularly arranged oval openings that is similar to the military MOLLE system. Here you can attach additional bags individually with ease.

Wunderlich »EXTREME« case set.

The sturdy, light and functional aluminium cases (side case and top case) for the GS models provide truly special comfort to every rider on their journey. The special sealing system makes them totally waterproof. Durability is provided by the implementation of the 1.5 mm aluminium plate with stabilising swages (weight-optimised yet robust), the stainless steel clasps, the replaceable all-round protection on all corners as well as the protective caps for the locks. Thanks to the practical lashing rings on the cover, you can attach additional pieces of luggage simply and securely with belts.

After opening both locks, the cover of the top loader can be completely removed and placed on the seat. You can then load it from the top with ease. If only one of the two locks is opened, this lets you lift the lid either forwards or backwards and this can be additionally securely stabilised with a safety rope. The second lock then functions almost like a hinge. We offer the robust cases in three designs: pure aluminium for enthusiasts who love the appeal of this untreated and robust material. The most elegant design is the version in anodised silver colours. The black anodised look with stainless steel fittings makes the high-quality case look particularly refined. All variants optimally integrate the functional luggage system into the design of the motorcycle.

They can be attached to the carrier with no fuss thanks to the quick release system. The cases fit the original Adventure case carriers. For all other GS models, we carry the matching case / top case rail in our range. You can find more information in the model sections.

The genius Wunderlich luggage rails.

It’s a well-known fact that you can never have enough luggage on a tourer. That’s why lots of motorcyclists transport additional soft luggage such as bags, rolls, tents, etc., on the side cases. We’ve developed these brilliant luggage rails for this purpose. They mount on the original brackets very simply and securely without having to drill the cases. The functional Wunderlich luggage rails are available for the Vario cases of the BMW GS models and for the large BMW touring bikes..

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