Brake lever extension GS models - silver

Brake lever extension GS models - silver

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In its original form, even on the new GS, the lever tip is unfortunately rather small, which all too often presents a safety risk. The extension means that it is almost impossible for the foot to slip off or to miss the lever altogether. With this, the GS is also enriched by the addition of another highlight. You’ll learn to appreciate this innovation once you’ve tried it out. Elaborately milled and anodised. Straightforward installation.

The top plate is bolted securely with two bolts (all supplied) to the counter part, which has threads cut in an angle to ensure exact fitting. Made in Germany.

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Should have been fitted by BMW as standard
By Enforcer, posted on 15 September 2019
As the new owner of a G650GS, like many others, I found that the brake pedal platform was just not large enough and sits too close to the bike, making it difficult to find when needed. The safety implications were obvious, so, although the cost of a brake pedal extension by Wunderlich was not cheap, I opted to buy. What a difference ! I now find the pedal easily and every time in all riding conditions and have the added advantage that it also raised the level of the pedal to a much more comfortable position. A quality item which is easy to fit, money well spent and a real lifesaver.
Should have been stock . . .
By J Godfrey, posted on 19 March 2013
I kept riding my R1200GS Rallye with my number 12 boots on and always having to "search" for my rear brake. I used this product (it fit perfect and looks great), and presto, zambo, yahoo, I had a brake pedal I could use - easily and safely.
brake tip enlarger
By david, posted on 25 January 2013
I love it - what an exquisitely engineering little piece of precision engineering. Very well done - and works like a charm!
brake lever enlarger
By Bull, posted on 5 January 2013
a great farkle, well made, good value, fits perfectly. If you need to enlarge your tip just a little bit, I'd strongly recommend this kit from Wunderlich
Well designed
By Greg R., posted on 29 October 2012
Very comfortable to use the rear brake while sitting or standing. Initially thought I might need to add even more height to bring the lever level with the stock pegs but this appears to be perfect. Nice product. Very pleased.
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