Device glare shield BMW Navigator V - black

Device glare shield BMW Navigator V - black

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With this high-quality glare shield for the BMW Navigator V, the navigation display stays easily readable even when the sun is low.

The facts:

  • Suitable for BMW Navigator V
  • High-quality glare screen made of UV-resistant, long-lasting ABS plastic
  • Best possible protection against direct sunlight
  • Guarantees display readability
  • Easy fitting thanks to the clip system
  • Specially developed for this navigation model
  • Perfect fit in form and function
  • Mobility and operation of the navi remains completely
  • Secure fit

Notice:This high-quality glare protection is not comparable with less expensive mass-produced goods, which can soon fall off of the motorcycle with vibrations and airflow!

Does not fit with the Cradle navigation panel.

We recommend using the display protection film 45192-100.

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Provides good glare protection under the intense Spanish sun...
By E.E, posted on 1 February 2019
Fits and finish is perfect and works exactly as described.
I find this kind of accessory more useful in the strong winter sun as opposed to the summer sun/intensity. But i´m very happy with this anti glare shield.
Nice to have
By Schwarzkopf, posted on 6 May 2017
Product is made of ABS plastic, thick enough, sturdy, and durable. I had been using it for about 3 months under direct sunlight and high intensity ambient light. It provides proper amount of shade to view the screen of your Navigator V (the one I have). Installation is very easy, but it needs to sand paper some parts of it that attaches to the cradle. BMW is a good manufacturer however the cradle is not perfectly standard, and probably the injection machine was OK however when the cradles were cooling down, they did not shrink equally. On my ADV the glare shield required to trim off (sand paper) from the bottom, on my instructor's ADV same device required from top right. Once you install, check where it is hard to place on the cradle and be ready to do some trimming (use 500 sand paper soaked in water for one night).
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