Hünersdorff canister - 2000ml - black

Hünersdorff canister - 2000ml - black

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Anti-burst plastic canister with integrated emergency vent and small filling bracket, thus also suitable for filling
stoves, etc.

The facts:

  • Perfect and secure emergency petrol reserve
  • Small packing dimensions, extremely stable
  • Eyelets for attaching with tension band, etc.
  • Screw cover secured against loss
  • Additional filling aid
  • Fill opening internal diameter 18 mm
  • Meets highest safety requirements
  • E10-suitable
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions: 140 mm (wide) ; 200 mm (high); 70 mm (deep)

As of 01/06/2015, all fuel canisters (UN/RKK) must be labelled by the end consumer in accordance with the GHS/CLP ordinance. The items used for identification are the adhesive canister labels article no. 24730-100 (please order separately at the same time - see accessories).


range extension
22 September 2012
I purchased one of these cans and for what I wanted it is very well suited. True you must use a funnel to fill but I wanted something that I could store in my side case that would give me 25 to 30 miles for unplaned fuel shortage,and only that. Not for planned range but for un-planned or un forseen events. It requires very little space and provides for that little extra distance when needed. Perfect for me. High quality!
2 liter jerry can
18 March 2012
Good solution for my R1200R, two of them give me an additional 48 miles, I have a reserve when I am in western Kansas or Texas. They are a bit diffcult to fill, the Wunderlich reuseable funnel, or one time use funnels, solve the problem for me when I am on the road. The can's fit anwhere, hard cases, top case, or bolt them on.
extra a plus
19 January 2012
this is for extra fluids and the spout is really only needed if you are carrying extra motor oil. If you are out of gas just remove the top and pour, saves walking to the nearest gas station. An extra 25-30 miles can be a leg saver
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