Magnetic sump plug and seal M16 x 1,5

Magnetic sump plug and seal M16 x 1,5

Part No. 24140-000
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The finest metallic abrasion is held back. As a result, wear is identified early and any abrasions are removed from the oil system. We have this plug manufactured as a flat Allen bolt, so that it fits tightly and does not protrude.

Note: All sump plugs sold here include a new copper washer. It is recommended to change the washer whenever the plug is removed to avoid annoying oil leaks (also with original plug). So, whenever changing oil don’t forget to order a new one!

Replacement copper washer Part No.: 24150-000


Good ideas during overhaul, protect the threads from over tightening by servis when hi us old and hard cooper gasked
13 November 2018
Protected from oil leakage, when the servis us old hard cooper gasket. Some time happen, depend the country. Not expensive, recommended. I am have some experiences in my car, also always keeping additional plug for my car.
Good replacement!
17 March 2013
My bike does not have a magnetic plug,so i bought one.I will install it at the next oil change.Good to have a magnet collecting the particles down there!
The K1300 already comes standard with a magnetic plug
24 January 2012
Since found out the 1300 already has a magnetic plug standard. I guess a spare will come in handy although don't know when.
Good Replacement Part
16 May 2011
Good quality replacement of the original. It is good to replace the original plug after a while. Since the original on my HP2E was also magnetic I do not see a different benefit of this part.
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