ERGO Sport motorbike mirror Flash

ERGO Sport motorbike mirror Flash

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The brilliant motorbike mirrorrange with stepless angle and arm length adjustment.

The mirror body can be completely folded away if needed. This thus solves several problems such as inadequate rear view of oncoming traffic or too wide a design when passing through tight spots.

Now the mirror (especially when riding in a standing position) is no longer in the way and simultaneously best protected against impact damage.

If the folded out mirror takes an impact, the mirror can now fold away in an additional angle (folding joint) and turn around its attachment point without damage thanks to the built-in sliding clutch.

Compared to purely off-road mirrors, these are E approved and best suited for permanent use.

Convex mirrored glass for a larger angle of coverage (appears enlarged).

ERGO Sport mirror Flash black
  • Length from joint to outer edge of mirror adjustable approx.. 220 - 300 mm.
  • Mirror approx. 113 mm x 78 mm (light blue tint)
  • Stepless angle adjustment and mirror folds away when needed
  • Arm length adjustable to 75 mm.
  • Built-in sliding clutch between thread and mirror
  • Optimum mirror image protection
  • No or minimum damage on impact
  • E approved
  • Delivery includes adapter for installation
  • Easy and quick installation

Suitable for left and right.

Price per unit.

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I Can See
18 October 2011
Outstanding quality and they perform so well. Couldn't believe what I was missing if you're riding an RT they are a must
Mirror Flash
9 October 2011
These mirrors completely make up for the lack of function of the fairing mounted mirrors. They are easy to install once the original clamps are replaced with the mirror adapters. They look like they came with the R1200RT from the factory, and once they are installed, the fairing mounted mirrors can be adjusted to give clear unobstructed views of the traffic approaching from the rear in the left and right lanes of traffic. Approaching vehicles are visible in the mirrors from directly to the rear until within my peripheral vision with only a slight turn of the head. One of the best safety devices that can be purchased for the R1200RT. Also the Flash Mirrors give an excellent view to the rear when a wide bag or case is mounted on the luggage rack, something that could not be done comfortably with the the fairing mirrors alone.
Nice Added Mirrors to the R1200RT
4 August 2011
Very easy to install with the added adapters Mirror provide plenty of adjustment (IN-Out, Up Down) to make them perfect for your rear vision.
Nice Mirror
15 July 2011
Excellent mirror. Works best on the right side of my 2011 R1200RT. Keep bumping into it on the left side when dismounting.
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