Highlights - BMW R 1250 GS

BMW R 1250 GS – Superior all-rounder

If you were to ask which is the most versatile motorcycle of all, the R 1250 GS would top the rankings without a doubt. Yet even this top range motorcycle can be improved in terms of details or personalised/characterised according to your own individual taste. With both of our R 1250 GS Edition 35 #1 and #2 concept bikes, we’ve admittedly pushed the characterisation to the max, as we’ve demonstrated.


Our 1250 product portfolio covers all areas Wunderlich stands for: ergonomics, comfort, all-round protection, safety, luggage solutions, Wunderlich suspension and other accessories! All components are developed under our maxim of integrated design and sophisticated functionality and manufactured in premium quality.

You will find all the currently available products for the BMW R 1250 R here in our shop!

BMW Motorrad had barely presented the new BMW R 1250 GS as a trade show highlight at INTERMOT 2018 in Cologne and our developers were already enthusiastically working hard to design components for the new, promising and versatile BMW GS flagship product! The team from Bavaria have once again given the halo that surrounds the big GS a boost. With the camshaft phasing called ShiftCam that was introduced in its day, and which uses two camshaft profiles, the most popular of all BMWs also set an important milestone in technological terms. One profile for torque-defined riding at low, moderate revolutions and a cam profile when you need power. This makes it exceptionally powerful, superior and elastic. Why do this? Because the fantastic engine simply brings joy and simultaneously shines with improved efficiency. You don't feel a thing when you switch the cam profile while riding. This is technology that pleases: In the city, on country roads and on long trips, fast journeys, as well as during relaxed rides across the country or riding on the Enduro.

Our product portfolio for the 1250s has grown continuously since then and is deeply diversified. It naturally covers all those areas that Wunderlich is synonymous with: ergonomics, comfort, all-round protection, safety, luggage solutions, Wunderlich suspension and other accessories too! The products are developed and manufactured under our maxim of integrated design with sophisticated functionality in premium quality.

The Wunderlich core competencies

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Ergonomics. Absolutely essential.

Doesn’t fit? Doesn’t exist!

Life for motorcyclists below or above today’s conventional standard size hasn’t exactly gotten easier in the last few years. Where the average seat height for a motorcycle in the Eighties was between 750 mm and 800 mm, today riders have to climb onto a seat with an average height of 800 mm to 850 mm. The standard R 1250 GS even allows riders to sit at the towering height of 870 mm. Even the lightest of all current BMW Enduros, the G 310 GS, brings a respectable 835 mm to the series trim.

Not long after the market launch, we are already offering high-quality components for the new F models: windscreens and hand guards to protect against wind, weather and troublesome turbulence, handlebar risers for relaxed sitting and driving while standing, ergonomic seats and footrest systems for a relaxed knee angle, and much more besides.

Wunderlich Handlebar Riser on BMW R 1250 GS
R 1250 GS - Handlebar & Handprotectors
Wunderlich Tankcrashbar on BMW R 12050 GS
R 1250 GS - Crash bar | Protectors & Engine protection

All-round protection and safety.

If you’re one for riding your Enduro offroad, we offer excellent components to protect your GS. No matter whether you need an engine protection bar or a tank protection bar, engine and manifold protection, axle crash pads or our cooler protection, our equipment prevents serious and costly damage to your bike should the worst happen. What’s more, our high-quality protective components help to prevent damage to the engine or aggregates (e.g. on the exposed water pump), so that you can continue on your journey despite crashing. An important aspect – and not just for long-distance riders stranded in the desert

Our side stand enlarger is naturally a must-have piece of equipment on every enduro: The bike remains in a secure upright position even when fully loaded, whatever surface it’s on.

Innovative luggage solutions.

Wunderlich is known for its innovative luggage solutions which are specially designed for BMW motorcycles. This includes the absolute all-rounder among tank bags: the extremely adaptable ELEPHANT tank bag. It’s all the same whether it’s a card slot or a photo insert, there’s nothing that doesn’t exist. For everyday riding, we recommend the Sport tank bag or even the practical, functional tail bags.

BMW R 1250 GS with Wunderlich Tank Bag ELEPHANT
R 1250 GS - Luggage & Co.

The entire product range can be found at www.bmw-r1250gs.com, on Wunderlich’s online shop and at Wunderlich’s premises in Grafschaft-Ringen!

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