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Please note: A separately available vehicle-specific mounting system is required for attaching the tank bag.

The ELEPHANT shines with its sleek design, durable fabrics, sustainable manufacturing processes, and further optimized functionality and versatility. The main compartment of the tank bag made of CORDURA® TrueLock™ can be adjusted with ease to suit the rider's individual needs. The shape-stabilizing insert reliably protects the contents and prevents any bulging or flapping at high speeds. In addition, two side pockets provide additional storage space, which is also easily accessible from the seat while on the move. Our proprietary blue lining ensures clarity. The ELEPHANT offers a retention system for additional pockets based off the military Molle system, and is complemented by a practical, elasticated luggage net. As usual, the zippers are water-resistant and fitted with ergonomically shaped, easy-grip zips. No need to do without the water-repellent cable grommet for an electrical supply or smartphone charging cable, nor do you have to do without the prepared holder pocket for the matching organiser (art. no. 20680-000) and the carrying harness that turns the tank bag into a shoulder bag or a conventional backpack beyond the motorcycle.

The result of this extensive development is a tank bag that is convincing in every respect and has been consistently developed with functionality and sustainability in mind. More information about sustainability can be found here:

Wunderlich BLUE - Using Sustainable Fabrics to set an example.

The novel CORDURA® TrueLock™ fabric, which we are using for the first time for the ELEPHANT, consists of high-strength nylon 6.6 multi-filament nylon fibers produced in an extrusion process. The added color is virtually "locked" into the fiber in this continuous process, i.e. firmly bound. This eliminates the need for downstream, stressful dyeing and washing processes. The process developed by CORDURA® inventor INVISTA for the production of CORDURA® TrueLock™ thus conserves resources by reducing the use of water and energy, it reduces CO₂ emissions and at the same time increases durability, service life, and wear resistance. The new fabric has a further optimized, excellent color finish, color permanence and UV stability. Fade and abrasion resistance have also been further improved.
We spare the plastic outer packaging and deliver the ELEPHANT in our matching, waterproof and versatile Wunderlich luggage bag (44000-xxx). We will cover the costs. This way you can use the Pack Sack on your travels in the future and together we preserve the environment simultaneously.
Minimal plastic and Wunderlich BLUE are our corporate initiatives to strengthen sustainability.

In this way, we succeed in reducing the ecological footprint and at the same time fundamentally improve quality and functionality.

The facts

  • New, streamlined, functional design, recognizable by the two side pockets and the discreet blue applications
  • Wunderlich BLUE: Improved innovative fabric with sustainable properties and manufactured in a sustainable process
  • Innovative and versatile mounting system for accessory pouches on the top, comparable to the military MOLLE system
  • Additional integrated, quick, and easily accessible elastic luggage net
  • Optimal size and use of space, expandable in size to suit individual needs (15 - 23 liters)
  • The shape-stabilising, padded insert (PE) protects the contents perfectly and at the same time prevents bulging or flapping at high speeds.
  • In addition, two generously sized side pockets, ergonomically angled towards the rider for easy access, are fitted with protective, elastic and reflective elements.
  • The inside of the lid has a flap for attaching our convenient organiser, which keeps all essential travel documents and papers within easy reach (art. no. 20680-000)
  • Blue lining provides a contrasting background against which even small travel items can be easily seen.
  • All zippers are water-resistant and fitted with ergonomically shaped, easy-to-grip blue zips that are easy to operate even with gloves on
  • Reliable, water-repellent cable grommets for electrical cables, such as smartphone charging cables, etc.
  • The model-specific system holder (please order model-specific) is attached to the vehicle in just a few steps and holds the tank bag securely utilizing a quick-release fastener.
  • Secure hold and protection of the paintwork through the use of our tried-and-tested system holder
  • A practical quick-release fastener that allows the tank bag to be attached and removed in a matter of seconds, even while wearing gloves.
  • Additionally, with off-road protection
  • Easy access to the tank (can be folded down)
  • Particularly adhesive underbody material that hugs the tank and prevents slippage
  • Carrying system: The tank bag can be used as a backpack/shoulder bag with the included carrying straps.
  • We spare the plastic outer packaging and deliver the ELEPHANT in our matching, waterproof and versatile Wunderlich luggage bag instead.

Technical data

  • Material/fabric: CORDURA® TrueLock™, UV-stable and water-repellent finish, fluorocarbon impregnated, high-strength, abrasion-resistant.
  • Dimensions ( L / W / H ) in cm:
    • Length 31 cm
    • Width 30 cm
    • Height 20/extended 29 cm
  • Volume in litres (approx.):
    • 15 l / extended 23 l

Accessories (optional)

  • Organiser compartment (art. no. 20680-000) to keep order and quick access to essential things on the road. Spacious, removable (the retaining pocket is already integrated in the tank bag) and practical compartments such as cell phones, sunglasses, and documents.
  • Rain cover (art. no. 42330-002) is recommended when transporting sensitive equipment or in continuous rain.

Special Features

  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated.
  • Wunderlich BLUE. Sustainable product.
  • 60 days return policy
  • 5 years warranty
  • Made in Europe
Color: black
Product type: Luggage & Accessories
60 Days Return Cordura Made by Wunderlich Made in Europe Water Repellent
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