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It's almost impossible or only possible with significant risk of short-circuiting  to over-start the motorcycle. The original socket would start smoking on an attempted over-startwhich is why this system was developed (not compatible with original socket).

That's why this system is a massive relief and a win for safety at the same time. Simply connect the over-start cable to the socket and you can connected a suitable supply with the large crocodile clips - or vice versa.

The complete Bikestart set/over-start set consists of:

  • Integrated socket
    • The direct connection to the motorcycle, without side cover and/or tank disassembly!
    • 65 cm power cable for battery.
    • Spray-protected with folding cover.
    • Suitable for starter assistance (up to 90 A).
    • Mounting accessories.
    • Mounting-reading wired
  • over-start cable
    • Handy and compact for on the go and at home
    • 160 cm long, flexible copper cable (6 qmm)
    • Fully insulated, large battery pole tongs
    • With plug
Product type: Workshop & Accessories
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