Chain Lock ABUS Granit Chain 4900

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Flexible and Versatile: ABUS Chain Lock Granit Chain 4900

Facts and Features

  • Flexible and versatile use due to the length of the chain
  • Integrated ABUS Plus cylinder lock
  • High resistance to tampering attempts such as picking
  • Robust textile sheath to protect the paintwork
  • Ideal for motorcycles in high-theft areas
  • Highest security level of 20
  • Two keys included

Technical Data

  • Material
    • Specially hardened steel
  • Length:
    • 150 cm
  • Thickness:
    • 14 mm
  • Weight:
    • Approx. 8 kg

Ideal for Motorcycles in High-Theft Areas: The Granit Chain 4900 by ABUS

The ABUS Chain Lock Granit Chain 4900 is a top-quality security chain, specifically designed for securing motorcycles. This chain features an impressive length of 150 cm and a thickness of 14 mm. It is made of specially hardened steel, offering high resistance against violent attacks. Additionally, the chain is equipped with a durable textile sheath that protects the vehicle's paintwork from potential damage.

Particularly noteworthy is the integrated ABUS Plus cylinder lock, which offers maximum protection against tampering attempts such as picking. The lock is designed with multiple security techniques to ensure comprehensive theft protection. With a total weight of approximately 8 kg, the chain is robust and resilient, making it ideal for use in high-theft areas. The chain is supplied with two keys and offers the highest security level of 20.

The length of the chain provides flexible application, allowing it to be easily looped around various fixed objects for effective securing. The high quality of the materials used and the advanced lock mechanism make the ABUS Chain Lock Granit Chain 4900 an excellent choice for those who value top security for their motorcycle.

Product type: Bike protection
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