Dry-Save oil plug conversion kit - silver

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The special configuration of the first 4-valve valve cover requires a specific design combining protection against theft and absolute leak tightness. This was a job for the latest generation of our safety oil plugs. Robust construction and attractive design characterise this oil plug which is easy to use.

The facts:

  • Replacement of the leaky plastic design that is vulnerable to sabotage (removal of the insert inside the valve cover and of the plug itself) with our new plug for boxers!
  • Bolted aluminium insert with an absolutely leak tight and theftproof bolted-on filler plug.
  • Plug can only be opened with special key.
  • Plug is machined of a single piece of solid aluminium.
  • Larger diameter = easier filling, less spillage.
  • The whole assembly cannot be ripped out as before, or turn inside the head cover*
  • Made in Germany.

* The original insert is only pressed into position (easily removed by hand). In many cases, leaks are caused not by the plug but by the insert. Additionally, the original plastic insert uses a small plastic pin to prevent it from turning, but this fragile solution does not need a lot of force to get damaged, causing the plug and the insert to turn together.

Color: silver
Product type: Bike protection
5 Years Warranty 60 Days Return Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany
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