Intact Battery Bike-Power GEL51913 - black

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Deposit for battery recall (43250-400)

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Motorcycles with many additional consumers, e.g. with seat and grip heating or connected navigation system, require significantly more power. GEL batteries withstand this cycling well, i.e. a consuming load, if necessary with recharging with a charger. The intAct Bike-Power GEL also has a special internal construction with a special grid structure, which enables an uncharacteristically high starting power for GEL batteries.

The gel-like bonded electrolyte ensures lower self-discharging than with wet or AGM batteries. Ideal for occasionally or seasonally driven vehicles.

Stored safely in the gel-like bonded electrolyte, the grids lose less active material than in a normal AGM or wet battery, so they remain powerful for longer.



  • Small self-discharge. For seasonal use.
  • Very high vibration resistance. Electrolyte bound as gel.
  • 30 % more starting power than a classic battery of the same case size. For motorcycles with many consumers, also ABS.
  • Completely maintenance-free. Sealed block battery, where refilling is not possible and not necessary.
  • Filled and charged. Ready for use immediately.
  • Leakproof. Can also be installed in an inclined position, as the electrolyte is bound as a gel and the battery is tightly sealed.
  • VRLA battery (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) with safety valve against gas overpressure in the battery.

Technical Information

  • Capacity: 21 AH (c20)
  • Cold testing current: 300 A (EN)
  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 185 x 80 x 170 mm
Color: black
Product type: Maintenance & Wear and tear

Battery Act (BattG)

§10: Deposit Requirement for Vehicle Batteries

(1) Distributors who supply vehicle batteries to end users are obliged to charge a deposit of 7.50 euros including VAT per vehicle battery, if the end user does not return a used vehicle battery at the time of purchasing a new one.

(2) The distributor who has collected the deposit is obliged to refund it upon return of a used vehicle battery.

(3) The distributor may issue a deposit token when collecting the deposit and make the refund conditional on the return of this deposit token.

(4) If the used vehicle battery is not returned to the distributor who collected the deposit, the authorized collector according to § 11 Paragraph 3, who accepts the used vehicle battery, is obliged to confirm the acceptance in writing or electronically without refunding the deposit, upon the request of the end user.

(5) A distributor who offers vehicle batteries using distance communication means is, deviating from Sentence 2, obliged to refund the deposit also upon presentation of a written or electronic proof of return according to Sentence 4, which is not older than two weeks at the time of presentation.

Note on §18 of the Battery Act

The symbol indicates that batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. If, under this symbol, one of the following chemical signs is additionally displayed (Pb: battery contains lead, Cd: battery contains cadmium, Hg: battery contains mercury), this generally means that the battery contains this metal and its legal limit has been exceeded. Batteries should not be disposed of with household waste as they may contain pollutants that can harm the environment and health. Due to the regulations on hazardous goods, it is not possible to return used batteries by mail. Alternatively, please return the battery to a municipal collection point and have your receipt or invoice stamped there. Please submit the stamped document to us on-site or send it by mail to:

Wunderlich GmbH


Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 6 - 8

D-53501 Grafschaft-Ringen (Gewerbepark)

Subsequently, the deposit amount will be refunded.

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