MOTOREX Coolant M5.0 Ready-to-use - 1000 ml

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Content: 1000 ml

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MOTOREX coolant COOLANT M5.0 Ready to use is a nitrite, phosphate and amine-free radiator protection agent based on ethylene glycol. It meets the requirements of various manufacturers of high-performance engines. In addition to excellent antifreeze protection, this coolant provides excellent all-season corrosion protection for all metals and alloys used in the cooling system. Colour Turquoise


  • good corrosion protection against metals and alloys in the cooling system
  • Good compatibility with commercially available elastomers and plastics
  • Nitrite-, phosphate- and amine-free
  • High chemical stability
  • Recommended service life 3 years

Range of application:
In petrol and diesel engines made of cast iron, aluminium or combinations of both metals. MOTOREX COOLANT M5.0 coolant can also be used in cooling systems made of aluminium or copper alloys.

To ensure the special application benefits of MOTOREX Coolant COOLANT M5.0 Ready to use, mixing with other radiator protection agents is not recommended.

MOTOREX Coolant COOLANT M5.0 Ready to use protects the system down to -38 °C.

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

BMW LC-87; BMW LC-97; BMW GS 94000 / N600 69.0; SAE J1034

MOTOREX - Oil of Swizerland

Wunderlich recommendation for all BMW motorbikes.

Product type: Maintenance & Wear and tear
Variant: 1000 ml
Made in Europe
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