MOTOREX DOT 4 brake fluid - 250 ml

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Content: 250 ml (€31.60 / 1000 ml)

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DOT 4 is a modern premium high-performance brake fluid of exceptional quality with a high wet-boiling point, which offers outstanding protection against vapour bubble formation.


  • High wet-boiling point
  • Outstanding protection against vapour bubble formation
  • Can be mixed with all brake fluids of the same specifications
  • Also ideal for the latest ABS and ADS systems

Area of use:
DOT 4 BRAKE FLUID is ideal for use with hydraulically operated disc and drum brakes on motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and machinery. It can be used wherever a brake fluid in line with FMVSS 116 DOT 4 specifications is stipulated.

Can attack paintwork, varnish and also certain types of plastic. May only be added to systems designed specifically for use with brake fluids.

Under no circumstances should it ever be mixed with mineral oil, even in small quantities. Always observe the replacement intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturers.

FMVSS 116 DOT 4; SAE J1703; SAE J1704; ISO 4925 Class 4

Product type: Maintenance & Wear and tear
Variant: 250 ml
Made in Europe
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