MOTOREX Shine Spray - Moto Shine MS1 - 500 ml

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Content: 500 ml (€37.80 / 1000 ml)

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Special shine spray for the perfect finish after cleaning the vehicle. Gives a lasting shine to paintwork, plastic, chrome, etc. and forms an antistatic protective film with a beading effect. Excellent also for trade fair and showroom vehicles. MOTOREX Shine Spray MOTO SHINE has a pleasant cherry smell.

The facts:


perfect shine after cleaning Water beads off antistatic protective film can be used for paint, plastic, chrome, carbon, etc.


Shake well before use. Spray on the desired areas and wipe with a soft, dry cloth Rub the cloth (preferably the MOTOREX microfibre cloth) over a large area. Not suitable for matte paints, tyres, grips, saddle, etc. Avoid contact with brake discs at all costs. Do not use in the sun. If in doubt, check for compatibility in a concealed place.


Especially when used on the racetrack, MOTOREX MOTO SHINE MS1 gloss spray also optimally dissolves and cleans the resulting tyre wear and asphalt dirt.

MOTOREX - Oil of Switzerland

Product type: Cleaning & Maintain
Variant: 500 ml
Made in Europe
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