OptiMate O-118 USB-C charging device

Part No. 45011-100


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Intelligent, in-line, charging device for motorcycles with 3300mA, standby mode and vehicle battery monitor.

The sealed, in-line, battery-to-motorcycle USB-C charging device (3300mA) with 200 cm/80" cable and O-31 battery cable, enables safe and fast USB charging of any device that is on the handlebars or mounted onto the tank or hard case – the cable can be routed to wherever USB charging is needed.



  • Ideal for 12V AGM and 12.8V LiFeP04-/LFP Lithium batteries in your motorcycle – for charging a mobile telephone, GPS, camera or tablet.
  • Charges one USB device with up to 3300 mA – the charging current adapts to the device connected for safe charging.
  • Power cable (50 cm/20") with M6/1/4" eyelets, suitable for all motorsport battery terminals – protected by a fuse.
  • Length: 80"/200 cm
  • Current (Input): 12V vehicle system with 12V lead battery or 12.8V lithium battery.
  • Connection: 1x USB
  • Current (Output): 3300mA at 5 V
Product type: Lighting & Electrical equipment
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