SP-Connect Sprocket Adapter - black

Part No. 45150-215


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You want to expand your setup? With the Sprocket Adapter (toothed ring adapter) it is possible to mount the SP ConnectTM Anti Vibration Module on the Mirror Mount, Brake Mount, Micro Bike Mount, Bike Mount Alu or Clamp Mount to attach.

The sprocket adapter serves as a connecting piece between the bracket and the vibration-damping module. Offer your phone extra protection and reduce the vibrations coming from the engine by up to 60%.

Place the sprocket adapter between the Anti Vibration Module and your bracket and fix the module with the screw.

Now you can simply put on your SP ConnectTM Phone Case as usual and fix it by turning it 90° clockwise.



  • Retrofit existing brackets
  • More options with Anti Vibration Module
  • Easy mounting, more protection for your mobile phone
Color: black
Product type: Smartphone & Media
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