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The SP Connect Universal Phone Clamp Moto Bundle allows you to attach virtually any smartphone securely to your motorcycle using the patented SPC+ mechanism. The set comes with the Universal Phone Clamp and Moto Mount LT - both in the new SPC+ design.

Universal Phone Clamp SPC+ - The easy and secure way to attach your mobile phone to all SPC+ heads. Suitable for almost all smartphone models.

Is it really possible to retain maximum flexibility without accepting any compromises? Absolutely! You can attach virtually any mobile phone with the SP ConnectTM Universal Phone Clamp, which holds your device securely in place.

The Universal Phone Clamp is compatible with all SPC+ heads and allows you to secure your device on your motorcycle/bicycle, in your car, as well many other uses. No matter what your plans: you'll be ready for your next adventure.

The clamp is really quick and easy to attach to your mobile phone model. Simply pull out the cover, screw down the unit and then secure the cover by pressing it in. That's it, you're finished.

The Universal Phone Clamp can be adjusted without the need for tools and is suitable for mobile phones with widths of between 58 and 85 mm. It's also ideal if you use more than one mobile phone.

The facts

  • Suitable for smartphones up to a thickness of 12 mm
  • Quick, easy and secure locking system
  • Compatible with all SPC+ heads

Moto Mount LT attachment- The Moto Mount LT offers unbeatable price-performance and allows you to attach your mobile phone both quickly and securely to your motorcycle. Interchangeable heads for SPC/SPC+.

The SP ConnectTM Moto Mount LT offers unbeatable price-performance and provides you with flexible options for attaching your mobile phone both quickly and securely to your motorcycle. Choose between vertical or horizontal installation and align your smartphone to your own personal preferences with the 360° adjustability.

With this hard-wearing and lightweight design, produced from glass-fibre reinforced polyamide, you get a flexible everyday solution that helps you keep an eye on your smartphone, its navigation system and all its apps at all times.

The facts

  • Hard-wearing lightweight design
  • Produced from glass-fibre reinforced polyamide
  • Incredibly stable 360° adjustment option in 6° steps
  • For both standard and oversize handlebars

Note: If you have a smartphone with a mechanical image stabiliser, we recommend using the Anti Vibration Module (45150-223 / -224) to reduce the risk of potential damage to the camera of your smartphone due to motorcycle vibrations.

Color: black
Product type: Smartphone & Media
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