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The GS is one of the best all-round motorcycles available. Nevertheless, we are constantly on the lookout for further improvements and always have an open ear for our customers.

One point that our customers often mention is the clearly perceptible, low-frequency roar of the GS, which occurs especially in part-load and full-load operation at speeds between 80 and 130 km/h. Unfortunately, this is the speed range most often travelled in on the road. Or the one you can least avoid.

During the test rides, we were able to identify the resonance chamber, which is roughly formed by the insides of the cases and the entire rear wheel arch, as the source of the noise.

It is the sound pressure escaping directly from the exhaust that cause this chamber to resonate. This resonance chamber acts like a mechanical amplifier. It is the cause of the roaring sound that is perceived as annoying and unpleasant, which can have an effect on physical sensitivity by causing subjective stress and unease, thus distracting from events on the road.

Our GONZZOO exhaust deflector diverts the exhaust flow away from this resonance chamber and deflects the acoustic pressure from the sides upwards. This noticeably reduces the irritating drone and the effects mentioned.

The performance-influencing dynamic pressure doesn’t change, so there’s no loss of performance!

Passengers find the GS to be subjectively quieter since the acoustic pressure is shielded on the sides.

The deflector shields the heat radiation of the exhaust stream so that the heating of the cases and the case contents are noticeably reduced.

Mounting is easy thanks to the spring supports, so the compact deflector can be fitted and removed any time. The matching tool is supplied with the delivery. With German type approval.

Is there a connection between noise minimisation and ergonomics?

On subjective perception and its potential effects on riding safety

Nothing should irritate you while riding and thereby distract you from pleasurable riding and events on the road. We offer a massive range of ergonomic components that specifically follow this approach. They allow you to adjust your motorcycle so that nothing irritates or disturbs you any more and you can enjoy riding, but also so that you can determine the traffic situation up ahead, because all human-machine interfaces are optimally adjusted. Ergonomics thus not only creates a win for comfort and riding pleasure, but rather – and actually just as relevant – extra safety while riding.

What normally applies for a non-ergonomic motorcycle in the conventional sense can also be applied analogously to noise emissions. In addition to their purely objective impact, noise emissions can also cause subjectively perceived negative impacts on wellbeing that irritate and disrupt while riding, meaning that the rider can no longer concentrate 100% on riding and events on the road. So if you reduce noise emissions and their subjectively perceived negative impacts on wellbeing, you also gain a bonus to riding safety, and above all, riding pleasure.

The facts


  • Our GONZZOO exhaust deflector minimises the often unpleasant droning of the GS at head level for the rider and passenger when riding with cases
  • Less noise ensures relaxed and safe riding
  • Zero loss of performance
  • The subjective perception when the GS rides by - regardless of the open field conditions - is that of a significant noise reduction
  • Protects the cases from the heat radiated by the exhaust flow and reduces heating of the contents
  • Compact, effective construction
  • Easy to store
  • Easy, slip-on assembly on the original end muffler of the GS
  • Incl. Mounting tool
  • With German type approval

Technical information

  • Material: Stainless steel, precision crafted


  • Wunderlich premium product.
  • Small series. Hand crafted
  • Design. Functional and integrated.
  • 60 days right to return
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty
Product type: Exhaust system
Color: stainless steel
60 Days Return ABE Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany Stainless

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