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The high-performance engine demonstrates an excellent power-to-weight ratio. This in turn means that the engine is very light and finely designed for its performance and has less to counter in the event of a crash. Often when the engine housing is damaged, it's impossible to continue riding. That's why the form, material and construction of our RACING pads provide optimum protection for the motorcycle's flanks, especially for the engine and clutch as well as the exposed aggregates, water pump and alternator.

Tested in racing

We originally developed our RACING protection pads for use in racing and with Wunderlich MOTORSPORT. This is why the pads are mounted on the right and left of the frame using solid attachments. On the left we also use a rotation-proof 2-point holder. For the right, we've constructed an elaborate adapter – milled to perfectly match the contour – that is used to mount the protection pad in a form-fitted manner.

The assembly doesn't require any modification to the fairing!

The geometry of the RACING slide pad is designed so that the faring doesn’t need to be cut out to screw it to the frame. Notching or cutting out the fairing comes with the risk of damaging the fairing so that it may end up requiring costly repainting. All this becomes superfluous with our sophisticated solution, which also lets you easily retrofit the protection pads, because the original shape of the fairing is retained.

The protection pads distance the flanks, engine and aggregates during bouncing or sliding contact with the floor or road and can thus reduce or avoid costly damage to the motorcycle. In addition to the choice of material, we have also integrated two significant, specific properties into the construction and tested these in racing. These are the damping and abrasion resistance that progressivel increases in the slide phase.

A positive feature we should mention is the damping, which can partially or fully capture and absorb part of the impact energy where impacting forces occur. The abrasion resistance progressively increases in the slide phase and shortens the time and area of the abrasion or slide phase - regardless of the surface.

For the optimum protection of your machine, we recommend combining this with our model-specific protection systems.

The facts:


  • RACING protection pads - developed for racing sport, proven in racing operation
  • The form, material and construction provide optimum protection for the flanks of the motorcycle, for the engine and aggregates
  • The damping effect of the protection pads made of highly durable special plastic captures part or all of the energy on impact and absorbs this
  • The progressive, increasing abrasion resistance of the pads shortens the time and area of the slide phase - regardless of the surface
  • Clean, high-quality design with racing sport appeal
  • High-quality construction and craftsmanship
  • Solid, careful and rotation-proof attachment on the frame
  • Easy, secure and quick installation
  • The fairing doesn't need to be notched or cut when mounting the RACING protection pads
  • Delivery: Complete set (left and right) including installation kit
  • For the optimum protection of your machine, we recommend combining this with our model-specific protection systems

Technical information:

  • Material: Highly durable special plastic, impact-absorbing, abrasion resistance determined by the component geometry


  • Wunderlich MOTORSPORT product. Small series. Hand crafted.
  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated.
  • Made in Germany
  • 60 days right to return - test it out with zero risk
  • 5 year warranty
Color: black
Product type: Bike protection
Variant: Set
60 Days Return Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany
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