Wunderlich Tank protection bar ULTIMATE F 900 GS - black

Part No. 41586-002


Available as from the beginning of August 2024
Delivery time from stock availability 3-5 working days

Wunderlich Tank Protection Bars ULTIMATE - Perfect, effective protection for the tank, side panels of your BMW F 900 GS

Function and Product Features

  • Wunderlich ULTIMATE tank protection bars are uncompromisingly designed for protective effect during adventure riding
  • Provides optimal protection for the exposed tank, side panels, front section, and water cooler
  • Perfect, model-specific fit
  • Integrated, model-specific design - the course of the bar is precisely aligned to the contour of the front section
  • Maximum protective effect due to the rigid construction of the tubing and selected materials
  • Reduction of occurring force and moment peaks through even distribution over multiple mounting points per vehicle side
  • Thoughtful all-round protection concept to optimise passive safety
  • High-quality workmanship and use of the best materials
  • Reduces the risk of costly damage
  • In combination with the ULTIMATE engine protection bar (#26550-30X) or GUARD (#41585-002), the tank protection bar forms a comprehensive protection concept
  • Easy Plug & Play installation: uncomplicated mounting at existing connection points, including detailed installation instructions
  • Recommended for
    • Wunderlich ULTIMATE and GUARD engine protection bars
  • Also fits in combination with
    • the original engine protection bars or accessory bars

Technical Data

  • Material
    • Precision steel tubing with high tensile strength and elongation at break, carefully handcrafted, radii precisely formed on CNC tube bending machines and then welded with clean seam patterns. Carefully finished and powder-coated in black
  • Dimensions
    • Tubing diameter 25 millimetres (main tube)
  • Colour
    • Black

Your Wunderlich Advantages

  • Wunderlich premium product
  • Small series. Handmade
  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated
  • Made in Europe
  • Wunderlich 60/5
    • 60 days return policy - test without risk!
    • 5 years warranty

ULTIMATE tank protection bars are uncompromisingly designed for protective effect during adventure riding

World-travelling adventure riders know this: there are days when the motorcycle falls on its side more than once because the conditions are such that they cannot be imagined in the cultivated and civilised Europe with its developed road network. Or because sheer physical exertion, due to heat or cold, can simply sap the strength and stamina needed to keep the bike upright. Beyond civilisation, it is therefore all the more important to be equipped with reliable equipment that can handle the associated material stress and simply withstand it without failing, as it can be vital to remain mobile, always on the move, and independent to minimise personal risk as much as possible.

This Wunderlich ULTIMATE tank protection bar is specially designed for adventure riding and not only reliably protects the tank but also the panels, front section, and vulnerable water cooler unit. In combination with the Wunderlich ULTIMATE engine protection bar (#26550-30X) or GUARD (#41585-002), it forms a well-thought-out all-round protection concept for passive safety: In the event of a fall or tip-over, the forces acting are optimally distributed over the protection bar structure to the resilient mounting points, reducing force and moment peaks. Visually, the protection bar integrates very well into the design of the motorcycle and accentuates its striking appearance. The tank protection bar is made from a combination of precision steel tubes. The tube segments are model-specific formed on CNC tube bending machines and then cleanly welded.

With our ULTIMATE protection bars, the protective effect and product design are paramount. The tank protection bar protects and enhances your BMW and accentuates the adventure look in a high-quality manner. Compatible with the original BMW engine protection bar as well as other accessory bars.

Color: black
Product type: Bike protection
5 Jahre Garantie 60 Days Return Made by Wunderlich Tested by Wunderlich
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