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Vario Levers represent a revolution in ergonomics, functionality and exclusivity for the S1000 XR. In addition to allowing adjustable reach, they are also adjustable in length. These levers allow precise adjustment to exactly suit the needs of the rider in various situations and additionally, they really look great.

With the Vario Levers it’s now possible to activate the clutch and brake with two or three fingers, without pinching the remaining finger(s). This allows the lever to be adjusted closer to the grip, safely. Length adjustment is quickly and easily carried out by loosening the set screw, setting the desired length and then tightening.

Another unique feature of the Vario Lever is the ability to easily adjust the reach by turning the adjuster with your index finger while riding. This is useful when dealing with a changing pressure point, when for example riding on the track or negotiating a technical mountain road. The six position adjustment wheel is easy to operate, even with thick winter gloves.

You need have no doubt about the structural integrity of these levers. Even fully extended, the lever can withstand a force of over 130 pounds (!) without incident. The modular design of these levers makes a wide array of color combinations possible. This allows further individualization of your BMW to suit your personality. The levers are exquisitely machined of aluminum and anodized.

All materials and processes used in manufacturing conform to aircraft standards and of course, these levers have been tested and approved by the strict German TÜV.

Please Note: The levers are sold individually. This is the Clutch Lever in the Red / Silver combination. The matching brake lever is available under the Related Products tab.

Product type: Ergonomics
Color: black
60 Days Return ABE ERGO Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany Utility Model
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