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These coated stainless steel safety wires will protect you from expensive repairs. The K 1100 LT and K 1200 LT mirrors are push-fitted rather than bolted in so that they fall off in the event of an impact.

In such a case the mirrors of a K 1100 LT are only held on by the indicator cables which are often unequal to the strain and just snap.The K 1200 LT’s mirrors will just fall to the ground. The consequence will be a badly-scratched housing and often also a completely destroyed mirror – a very expensive repair.

Our safety wires are made of plastic-coated stainless steel, can simply be bolted to the fairing and mirrors and disappear into the empty space between mirrors and fairing. The safety wire can withstand a load of up to 17 kg and comes in a set of two for right and left.

Product type: Bike protection
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