MOTOREX chain lubricant ADVENTURE - 500 ml

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Content: 500 ml (€33.80 / 1000 ml)


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MOTOREX chain lubricant ADVENTURE is a special chain lubricant that impresses with numerous advantages both in everyday use and on longer tours. The white chain lubricant shines off the beaten track thanks to its waterproof and dust-repellent properties. At the same time, however, it does not risk any compromises in terms of touring suitability, as the special formulation achieves maximum adhesion and so, even at high speeds, the rear wheel rim remains clean even on long stages. MOTOREX Chain Spray ADVENTURE reduces wear on the entire chain drive through the use of PTFE and also protects the inner workings of the chain reliably and permanently against corrosion thanks to its excellent creep properties.


  • waterproof, extremely adhesive lubricating film
  • O-ring and X-ring tested
  • Low dirt adhesion
  • High pressure and abrasion resistant
  • Wear-reducing
  • Range of application:
  • Ideal for combined on-road and off-road use with modern touring enduros.

Shake spray can well before use. Spray onto the chain cleaned with MOTOREX CHAIN CLEAN and leave to work for several hours (preferably overnight).

Apply evenly to the inside of the chain. Motto: Less is more and it is better to use less more often than a lot once.

The best effect is achieved if the chain is first warmed up before cleaning and lubricating. The old chain grease is thinner when warm and can therefore be cleaned with the MOTOREX CHAIN CLEAN 45724-000 chain cleaner. When lubricating, the effect of the warm chain is also clearly noticeable and the MOTOREX chain spray ADVENTURE can penetrate better into the gaps.

MOTOREX - Oil of Switzerland

Variant: 500 ml
Product type: Cleaning & Maintain
Made in Europe
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