Wunderlich R nineT Scrambler "Green Hell"

"Green Hell" - Our interpretation of the R nineT Scrambler

Our newest take on the R nineT Scrambler doesn't just differ from the original in visual terms. We grant the model christened the "Green Hell" several highlights of a technical nature.

In addition to our immediately eye-catching tail conversion with integrated tail light, licence plate holder and beautiful, brushed aluminium mudguard this primarily includes the fully adjustable suspension. The Wunderlich Suspension Shock Absorber and Cartridge Kit helps the agile Scrambler not only with added seat height but also with outstanding riding properties. The Scrambler is really "round" with the 70 mm height increase and 21" front wheel! Naturally, the equally adjustable paralever strut is essential too.

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After image
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Behind the nostalgic looking Vintage TT cockpit fairing with the short, yellow windshield sits just perfectly with the Enduro-compatible SixDays handlebar conversion including height adjustment. Adjustable levers for the hands and gear pedal, stylish retro luggage solutions store all your travel utensils and the aluminium number plate gives the bike an attractive look. Naturally, the appearance of the "Green Hell" is also characterised by one of Wunderlich's core competencies – active and passive safety. Protection bar and pads, protectors, manifold and engine protection go quite some way to making the Scrambler "unbreakable" while auxiliary headlights provide good visibility. As for the current BMW models, we will also further regularly develop our product program for the "Green Hell".

And by the way, the colour comes from the BMW 70s range and has the beautiful name of Nürburgring Green!

The Wunderlich core competencies

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All-round protection and safety.

If you’re one for riding your Enduro offroad, we offer excellent components to protect your GS. No matter whether you need an engine protection bar or a tank protection bar, engine and manifold protection, axle crash pads or our cooler protection, our equipment prevents serious and costly damage to your bike should the worst happen. What’s more, our high-quality protective components help to prevent damage to the engine or aggregates (e.g. on the exposed water pump), so that you can continue on your journey despite crashing. An important aspect – and not just for long-distance riders stranded in the desert

Our side stand enlarger is naturally a must-have piece of equipment on every enduro: The bike remains in a secure upright position even when fully loaded, whatever surface it’s on.

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