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Top cleaning performance, renewal of breathability of climate membranes

Motorcycle clothing gets during on the outside (e.g. bug splatters) as well as on the inside (e.g. sweat) during use. Unpleasant odours can also accumulate over time. Air-permeable membranes can get damaged due to lack of cleaning or using unsuitable detergents. As a result, the breathability is significantly reduced and the moisture protection is no longer guaranteed. Proofers are also no longer 100% effective on dirty clothing.

For motorcycle suits (textile, leather, textile/leather combinations), gloves, undergarments, helmet padding, etc.

Dosing: Add 1.5 - 3 caps, depending on the degree of soiling and water hardness, to the detergent container of the washing machine using the cap (follow the care instructions of the garment manufacturer). For heavy soiling, add the detergent directly.

Hand washing: Wash clothes in lukewarm water - rinse thoroughly with clean water. 3 caps (90 ml) per 10 litres.

Note: Remove protectors in advance. Do not use fabric softener!

  • Special liquid detergent for gentle cleaning of functional clothing
  • Superior cleaning performance from as low as 20°C
  • Effective removal of bad odours
  • Renews the breathability of air-permeable membranes
  • Protects against discolouration


  • Never place leather clothing on a radiator or leave it to dry in the sun - this prevents it from drying out too much.
  • Restore the moisture protection after washing and add nutrients to the leather (recommended: S100 Proofing Spray, S100 Leather Care or S100 Leather Balm).
  • Clothing with an air-permeable membrane should be cleaned regularly (at least twice each season).
Degree of soiling ▸
Water hardness
light tough
soft 45 ml 60 ml
medium 60 ml 75 ml
hard 75 ml 90 ml

Enough for 5 washes with medium water hardness and light soiling

warnung.pngLegal notes


Causes serious eye irritation. Keep the packaging or identification label to hand in case you require medical assistance. Must not be handled by children. IN THE EVENT OF EYE CONTACT: Gently rinse for one minute with water. Remove any contact lenses where possible. Continue rinsing. Dispose of the contents / the container in accordance with local / regional / national / international requirements.

Variant: 300 ml
Product type: Cleaning & Maintain
Color: green
Made in Germany Tested by Wunderlich
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