S100 Proofer Spray - 300 ml

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Content: 300 ml (€49.67 / 1000 ml)

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Ongoing protection - from moisture and cooling by evaporation

Anyone who's been caught in a rain shower knows how important it is to proof textile fabrics or functional leather clothing - whether it's a jacket, trousers or shoes. The outer lining of clothing with a waterproof membrane gets soaked with water and leads to unpleasant cold due to evaporation caused by the airflow while riding. This cools the body down and leaves you with the sensation of being wet. The breathability of the membrane is also heavily reduced.

Application: before proofing, we recommend that you wash items thoroughly with S100 Functional Detergent to optimally prepare the fibres for soaking up the proofer. Shake bottle before use. Use in a well-ventilated space, ideally outside, by spraying the product onto the dry, clean surface from approx. 20 cm away. Leave to dry briefly in a sunny, protected place. Do not use in direct sunlight or on heated surfaces.

Tip: you can improve the proofing effect after the item has completely dried by warming the item in the sun afterwards, e.g. by hanging textiles in the sun. Please follow the manufacturer's care instructions.


  • Extra-strong, lasting moisture protection
  • Preserves the breathability of air-permeable membranes
  • Extremely long-lasting effectiveness
  • Protects against bleaching caused by UV rays
  • Protects the fabric from getting completely soaked, which protects against cooling caused by evaporation
  • Repels water, oil and dirt
  • Prevents stains forming

Application areas: textile and leather, with and without an air-permeable membrane, e.g.

  • Clothing (jacket, trousers, gloves, etc.)
  • Boots
  • Backpack
  • Tank bag
  • Tent

warnung_4.pngLegal notes


Contains naphtha (mineral oil), hydrotreated light. Extremely flammable aerosol. Container is pressurised: can burst if heated. Causes skin irritation. Can cause drowsiness and dizziness. Poisonous to aquatic life with long-lasting effect. Keep the packaging or identification label to hand in case you require medical assistance. Must not be handled by children. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. Do not smoke. Do not pierce or burn, even after use. Do not breathe in the aerosol. Do not spray on open flames or other ignition sources. Use only in the open air or in well ventilated spaces. Protect against sunlight. Do not expose to temperatures above 50° C/122° F. Dispose of the contents / the container in accordance with local / regional / national / international requirements.

Download contents in accordance with Detergents Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 here as a PDF.

Variant: 300 ml
Product type: Cleaning & Maintain
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