SP-Connect Smartphone Protection Case Xtreme - iPhone 14/13 - black

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SP-Connect Phone Case Xtreme

Function and Features

  • Rugged and waterproof case (IP68)
  • 360° protection for your phone in any terrain (Military Drop Test)
  • Integrated locking mechanism and magnets for easy attachment
  • MagSafe® compatible for quick & convenient charging on the go
  • Full touchscreen usability
  • Additional camera lens protection

Xtreme Construction

  • 1 Patented locking mechanism
  • 2 Hard cover PC
  • 3 Soft bumper TPU
  • 4 Magnetic ring
  • 5 Seal ring
  • 6 PET sheet
  • 7 Mid frame PC
  • 8 Plug
  • 9 Soft Bumper TPU
  • 10 Sound Plug*
*available from iPhone 15 & Galaxy S24 series

SP-Connect Phone Case Xtreme, The new phone case from the Xtreme series

Military Drop Test Certified
We understand how important it is for our customers to have a phone case that can withstand any situation. That‘s why the Phone Case Xtreme has been military drop test certified, ensuring that your phone remains safe even in the toughest environments.

Waterproof Design
The Phone Case Xtreme features a completely waterproof design, making it the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you‘re hiking, camping, or simply caught in a rainstorm, rest assured that your phone will remain dry and functional.

Mud & Dust Resistant
Not only is the Phone Case Xtreme waterproof, but it is also mud and dust resistant. This means that you can take your phone with you on all your muddy and dusty adventures without worrying about damaging it.

Camera Lens Protection
The Phone Case Xtreme offers additional camera lens protection to keep your phone safe and secure while capturing all your adventures. So, you can focus on getting the perfect shot without any distractions or concerns about your phone‘s safety.

Quick & Secure
Our patented twist-to-lock mechanism ensures that your phone is securely attached to any SP-Connect mount, giving you peace of mind while using your device on the go. Integrated magnets allow you to quickly attach and detach your phone in a split second when using it on our everyday mounts at home or in the office. Includes an SPC+ adapter.

Charging on the Go
The Phone Case Xtreme is also MagSafe® compatible, allowing you to quickly charge your phone while on the go. No more worrying about running out of battery during your outdoor adventures.

Full Touchscreen Functionality
One of the key features that sets SP-Connect phone cases apart is our patented twist-to-lock mechanism, which securely attaches your phone to any SP-Connect mount. And with the Phone Case Xtreme, you still have full touchscreen functionality, so you can access your phone‘s features and apps without any hassle.

Enjoy maximum safety for your mobile phone and maximum flexibility in everyday life. While cycling or motorcycling, in the car, while running, golfing and many other activities.

Variant: iPhone 14/13
Product type: Smartphone & Media
Color: black
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