Wunderlich Axle protection pads DOUBLESHOCK R 12 / R 12 nineT - front - black

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For the BMW R 12 and the R 12 nineT: Wunderlich Axle Protection Pads DOUBLESHOCK reduce or avoid costly damage to the motorcycle

Function and Product Features

  • Effective, double protection against impact and abrasion damage to fork, wheel axle, and brake system
  • Tested in racing
  • The progressive, increasing friction resistance shortens the sliding phase in time and space during prolonged road contact
  • Ideal combination with crash bar systems and pads, as the vehicle additionally supports itself over the axle protection pads during the “sliding phase”
  • Simple, safe, and quick installation
  • Complete with installation kit

Technical Data

  • Material
    • High-load special plastic, impact/ shock-absorbing, with friction resistance determined by the component geometry
  • Colour
    • Black
  • Installation Position
    • Front wheel axle

Your Wunderlich Advantages

  • Wunderlich Design. Functional and integrated.
  • Small series. Handmade.
  • Made in Germany
  • Wunderlich 60/5
    • 60 days return policy - Test without risk!
    • Plus 5 years warranty.

Tested in racing: Wunderlich Axle Protection Pads DOUBLESHOCK

The axle protection pads ensure that the fork, wheel axle, and brake system are effectively protected from damage in the event of the motorcycle falling or crashing.
The protection pads distance these components from the ground or road surface during point or abrasive contact, thus reducing or avoiding costly damage to the motorcycle. In addition to the choice of materials, we have constructively integrated two essential, specific properties tested in racing: damping and friction resistance, which progressively increases during the sliding phase.
Damping: The first positive property is damping, which can absorb some or all of the impact energy during sudden force impacts.
Friction Resistance: The second positive property is friction resistance, which increases from the outside inwards due to the enlargement of the effective sliding surface. This means that our axle protection pad offers low friction resistance during light contacts but significantly shortens the sliding phase in time and space during prolonged, abrasive road contact. In the event of a crash with the axle protection pad, the time and distance the motorcycle slides are reduced.
For optimal protection of your machine, we recommend combining our axle protection pads with our vehicle-specific crash bar systems, for which we offer additional protection pads.

Variant: front
Product type: Bike protection
Color: black
5 Jahre Garantie 60 Days Return Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany
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