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The OptiMate 4 Quad Program charger is a universal tool for motorcycle battery care. It has automatic programmes for diagnosing, reviving, charging and maintaining the vehicle's battery. This can be connected directly, but also by means of one of the programs via the 12V connection of the motorcycle equipped with a CAN bus.

With the OptiMate 4 Quad Program, after selecting one of the 4 programs, the battery is automatically charged and maintained. This mode includes low voltage revive pulses for even more effective charging of very discharged and sulphated batteries. Select programme 1 or 3 to charge the battery directly or via a live (hot) 12V socket, or programme 2 or 4 to charge via a BMW CAN bus-controlled 12V socket.

The delivery includes a weatherproof plug for the on-board socket and fuse as well as a set of terminals for charging outside the vehicle. The version we supply is already Can Bus ready and does not need to be set up.

The Facts Charger OptiMate 4 Quad Program:

  • Weatherproof housing IP54
  • Can still be used at -40°C
  • Input current max. 0.15 A at 230 V
  • CHARGE CURRENT: 1.25A (constant current)
  • CHARGE VOLTAGE: nominal: 12V- & 12.8V range: 0.5V - 14.4V
  • Selectable, 4 charging programs.
    • 12V: 1) Intelligent desulphation: 0.5V - 14.4V
    • 12V: 2) BMW CAN bus compatible: 5V - 14.4V
    • 12.8V: 3) Low voltage rescue: 0.5V - 14.4V
    • 12.8V: 4) BMW CAN bus compatible: 8.8V - 14.4V
  • Desulphation
  • For all 12V battery types, including lead-acid (Pb) > STD (with filler caps), AGM & GEL (sealed VRLA) and Li-Ion, manufactured with LiFePO4 / LFP technology.
  • Automatic battery test on connection
  • Up to four times battery life extension
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