Wunderlich functional Shirt Pad Breeze - long sleeve - M - black

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The most important property of functional underwear is to ensure pleasant and balanced ambient conditions. It has a significant impact on the body temperature and ensures that the wearer doesn't sweat or freeze. This is achieved by using technical fibres that demonstrate special, positive properties: they mustn't absorb or store body moisture, but have to channel it away from the body. The fabric and the skin stay comfortably dry as a result. This functional underwear works like a balancing layer on the skin.

So it's the functional underwear's job to ensure moisture is transported away from the body and to protect the insulation layer. To make this moisture transport particularly effective and fast, we've chosen the best technical fibre for our Wunderlich functional underwear: Nilit® Breeze. This material dries extremely fast after washing and is designed to prevent odours. This is a massive advantage on trips.

It's a totally different story with conventional cotton. As long as you don't sweat, you barely notice you're wearing it. But when you sweat, it soaks up body moisture like a sponge. Instead of releasing this moisture, the cotton fibres swell up and thereby restrict the transport of moisture. The unavoidable and therefore unpleasant consequence when wearing a cotton t-shirt is that the insulation effect and thus also the body temperature are lost and you start to freeze. In the worst case scenario, you catch a cold or get muscle tension. Our Wunderlich functional underwear is produced in southern Germany to a high quality.

High quality processing and finishing

During production, we paid special attention to the requirements of riding: the flat lock seams barely protrude and don't press down even under tight motorcycle clothing. The neckline and sleeve seam on our shirts are equipped with double cuffs for stabilisation. The back seam is longer and rounded.



  • Ensures balanced, pleasant body temperature and climate when riding and maintains physical fitness
  • Provides efficient moisture transport away from the body
  • Insulates - even when damp
  • Dries very fast after wearing or washing
  • Prevents odours
  • Anti-tear and hard-wearing
  • Retains its shape
  • Flat lock seams ensure comfortable mobility and avoid pressure points even in a tight combi
  • High-quality construction with extended "back" doubled cuff


  • Nilit® Breeze fibre (91% Polyamide, 9% Elastan)

Wunderlich product category

  • Clothing
Variant: M
Product type: Clothing
Color: black
Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany Tested by Wunderlich

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