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With the HIGHWAY, we present the second fantastically designed fairing that attaches to the handlebar since the market launch of the BMW R 18. Just like the Rock\f1\'b4n\'b4Roll cockpit fairing, it has an extremely high recognition value right from the first glance. It combines a refined, extrovert appearance with the outstanding tour qualities that are to be expected from Wunderlich. The HIGHWAY is available in black, in Manhattan metallic matt or black with white lines, with the lacquer applied traditionally and with perfect craftsmanship. For those wanting a completely personal customisation, we also offer the HIGHWAY in an unpainted version. The stylish SPORT or TOURING windshields perfectly round off the comprehensive range of customisation options. These must be ordered separately and differ in their degree of tinting and height, thereby making the HIGHWAY extremely versatile: for the Boulevard or Route 66. Wunderlich offers a suitable dashboard for the installation of round instruments.


As is to be expected, the entire fairing fits seamlessly into the high-quality design of the Bavarian Cruiser and even accentuates it, particularly in the front and side silhouette of the Big Boxer. Alongside the design, the familiar quality aspects from Wunderlich aren’t forgotten either \endash quite the opposite. The HIGHWAY that perfectly encloses the headlight with small gap dimensions is deep-drawn. The form is then manufactured to precision on a CNC milling machine. The intricate basic bracket consists of a precisely fitting, elaborate structure made from precision steel tubes and a precisely edged steel sheet. The solid design, which is fitted to the headlight console as well as the upper triple clamp, is carefully powder-coated in black. Its three-dimensional form ensures precision connections and the necessary stiffness of the base for the stately fairing.


Note: Please order the matching windscreen (see accessories) at the same time:
\par 18020-021 Wunderlich Sport windshield \endash transparent
\par 18020-022 Wunderlich Sport windshield \endash smoked grey
\par 18020-023 Wunderlich Sport windshield \endash black gloss
\par 18020-031 Wunderlich Touring windshield \endash transparent
\par 18020-032 Wunderlich Touring windshield \endash smoked grey

\par \par

The facts



  • \par
  • Fantastically designed, striking fairing that attaches to the handlebar and with extraordinarily high recognition value \par
  • Creates an individual accent in the front and side silhouette of the Big Boxer \par
  • Combines a refined, extrovert appearance with outstanding tour qualities \par
  • Numerous possibilities for individual customisation thanks to a selection of paint and windshield options \par
  • Versatile: for the Boulevard and Route 66 \par
  • The lacquer are applied traditionally and with perfect craftsmanship \par
  • The fairing encloses the headlight with small gap dimensions \par
  • Solid basic bracket \endash the perfect base for the cockpit fairing \par
  • Includes all of the necessary fittings \par
  • With detailed assembly instructions \par
  • \par
  • Even greater individuality thanks to the range of stylish SPORT or TOURING windshields, which must be ordered separately and are not included in the scope of delivery of the HIGHWAY fairing.\par

Technical info for the HIGHWAY fairing

  • \par
  • Material: High-quality ABS plastic manufactured in a deep-drawing process and then shaped on a CNC mill, lacquer applied by hand \par
  • Dimensions \par
    • \par
    • Width without windshield 604 mm \par
    • Height without windshield 401 mm \par
    • Depth\~315 mm \par
    • Component thickness 5 mm \par
  • \par
  • Colour\par
    • \par
    • black\par
  • \par
  • German type approval \par

The Wunderlich benefits

  • \par
  • Wunderlich premium product. \par
  • Small series. Hand crafted. \par
  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated. \par
  • 60 days right to return \endash test it out with zero risk! \par
  • 5-year warranty \par
  • Made in Germany/Europe \par
\f0\par }
Product type: Screens & Wind protection
Color: black
60 Days Return ABE Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany
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