Wunderlich Suitcase Set X-CASE X36 Aluminium with lock that can be coded - Set - silver

Part No. 30166-200



Available as from the middle of August 2024
Delivery time from stock availability 3-5 working days

The Wunderlich X-CASEs combine robustness with lightweight design. With lockable cylinder.

Function and Product Features

  • The aluminum of the X-CASEs combines robustness and low weight
  • This makes them ideal for adventure or classic touring
  • The contemporary and stylish X-CASE cases will go through thick and thin with you on any terrain
  • Thanks to the lock cylinder, which can be coded to the vehicle key, no extra key is needed
  • Proven storage volume of 36 liters per case – total 72 liters
  • Stainless steel quick-release system with integrated, foldable carrying handle for one-handed opening, closing, attaching to the case carrier, and carrying
  • Side opening: Perfect for accessing the contents of the case
  • A half-height plastic divider and a removable net secure the contents of the case when opened and create organized order
  • 100% dust and waterproof: Maximum protection for the luggage thanks to dust and waterproofing with a special, circumferential rubber seal
  • Lock cylinder protected against dirt and moisture by a cover cap
  • With high-quality embossed Wunderlich brand logo


  • Please order the appropriate case carrier separately
    The X-RACK case carrier is not included, as it varies from motorcycle model to model – it must therefore be ordered model-specific.

Technical Data

  • Material
    • Shell: Aluminum, hardened, high-strength, silver anodized, carefully and precisely processed
    • Quick-release system: Stainless steel
    • Lock cylinder can be coded to the vehicle key
  • Dimensions
    • Width 49.5 cm
    • Height 40.0 cm
    • Depth 28.2 cm
    • Material thickness 1.2 mm
  • Volume
    • 36 liters per case – total 72 liters
  • Payload
    • 10 kg
  • Color
    • Silver

Your Wunderlich Advantages

  • Wunderlich. Riding 365.
  • Made by Wunderlich
  • Exclusive by Wunderlich
  • Tested by Wunderlich
  • Made in Europe
  • Wunderlich 60/5
    • 60 days return policy - test without risk!
    • 5 years warranty

Ideal for adventure touring – they effortlessly handle the demands of classic touring.

The aluminum of the X-CASEs is hardened. This meets both the requirements for robustness and low weight. Thus, they are ideal for adventure touring – they already excel in the requirements of classic touring. The lightweight X-CASE cases go through thick and thin with you on any terrain! To ensure that no extra key is needed for the luggage system, the X-CASEs are delivered with lockable locks that can be coded to the vehicle key. The attachment to the carrier is uncomplicated. The stainless steel locking mechanism has an integrated, foldable carrying handle that allows the cases to be opened, closed, mounted, or dismounted in a few seconds. The integral design is contemporary with a high recognition value.

Due to the consistent use of only high-quality materials, the sustainable longevity of the X-CASE luggage system is guaranteed. This is contributed by the processed high-quality aluminum sheet and the octagonal shape, which is designed with regard to stability, weight optimization, and aerodynamics. The frame is provided with a proven, absolutely dust and waterproof sealing system that reliably protects the contents.

The cases have a half-height divider and a net – both secure the contents, create organized order, and reduce vibrations and shocks.

After opening the lock, the lid can be opened and the X-CASE case can be conveniently loaded from the side. A precisely fitting cover protects the lock from moisture and dirt. The lid is adorned with a high-quality embossed Wunderlich brand logo.

Variant: Set
Product type: Koffer, Topcases & Träger
Color: silver
5 Jahre Garantie 60 Days Return Exclusive by Wunderlich Made in Europe
Type Download

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