Wunderlich Suspension Shock absorber eS3 Adventure - standard - front

Part No. 57460-096


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Facts and Product Features of Wunderlich Suspension powered by TracTive eS3-Adventure Front Shock Absorbers

Electronically controlled and regulated high-performance front shock absorber of the latest generation, designed as an upgrade or replacement for the standard suspension. Developed for the requirements of the Telelever front suspension, for the highest demands of ambituios adventure and touring riders, as well as riders seeking extra safety reserves.

The exceptional performance of this shock absorber is convincing. It can be connected electronically to the motorcycle via plug & play without further adjustments. The desired riding mode can be selected and set conveniently using the handlebar controls.

We select the spring rate of the shock absorber individually based on your personal riding profile specifications.

  • Damping Characteristics
  • Our shock absorbers are specifically developed for each vehicle and application, providing high performance and impressive reserves.
  • The well-balanced, sensitive damping behavior of our suspension components ensures neutral and predictable handling, increasing confidence in your own motorcycle and enhancing personal riding pleasure.
  • The shock absorbers excel with excellent feedback, optimizing tire-road grip, wheel control, and stability, while reducing tire wear.
  • The front shock absorber is equipped with the patented TracTive DDA damping valve (Dynamic Damping Adjustment), which stands out with convincing damping dynamics and impressive performance, raising responsiveness to an entirely new level.
    • The DDA damping valve is fully compatible with the motorcycle's control unit and processes its control signals.
    • Compared to the factory suspension, the DDA valve has a larger adjustment range and regulates significantly faster in 6-10 milliseconds.
  • Individual damping adjustment: The high-quality shock absorber features high and low-speed compression damping adjustment, meaning that compression damping can be adjusted depending on the speed of the compression stroke (or the speed at which the damping piston moves during the stroke).
  • The DDA damping valve and extensive options for individual compression damping adjustment meet the highest demands of sports and touring riders. They enhance comfort and safety noticeably and can also contribute to reducing frame stress.
  • To achieve optimal and sensitive responsiveness,
    • the oil channels are generously dimensioned to minimize oil flow resistance.
    • we use pistons with a large diameter (46 mm)
    • as well as low-friction seals and special shim stacks.
  • These closed shock absorbers feature an external, forged aluminium reservoir that supports thermal stability and performance through optimal heat dissipation.
  • The generous oil quantity and large cooling surface ensure
    • a low, optimal oil operating temperature,
    • resulting not only in stable performance at the highest level,
    • but also in an extended service life for the damper and oil.
  • Spring Characteristics and Preload
  • Manual spring preload adjustment: The spring preload can be adjusted using the included suspension tool.
  • The generous adjustment range can compensate for a wide range of load conditions.
  • Tuning
  • Special Wunderlich Suspension tuning for adventure and touring riders with the highest demands on their suspension.
  • Customization
  • We select the spring rate of the shock absorber individually based on your personal ride profile specifications. After choosing your shock absorber, simply determine your personal specifications during the ordering process. These serve as the basis for selecting the appropriate spring for you.
  • Maintenance
  • Each shock absorber can be professionally serviced at the Wunderlich Suspension Center.
  • The suspension tool is included in the scope of delivery.

Technical Specifications

  • Material
    • The shock absorber housings are precisely manufactured from high-quality aluminium.
  • Special Features
    • Patented TracTive DDA damping valve with outstanding damping characteristics.
    • Closed system.
  • Processing Quality
    • We exclusively use highly durable components such as micro-machined, inductively hardened, heat-treated 42CrMo piston rods, high-quality bearings, stainless steel bushes, and low-friction seals.
  • Dimensions
    • Piston diameter 46 mm
    • Piston rod diameter 16 mm
  • Spring Preload Adjustment
    • Manual
  • Installation Location
    • Front suspension.

Your Wunderlich Advantages

  • Wunderlich product. Small series. Handcrafted.
  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated.
  • Tested by Wunderlich.
  • Made in Europe.
  • 5-year warranty when maintenance intervals of 24 months are observed.
  • With ABE (General Operating Permit)
Manufacturer: BMW
Variant: standard
Product type: Fahrwerke
Vehicle height: standard
Color: front
5 Jahre Garantie ABE Made in Europe Tested by Wunderlich TÜV

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