Wunderlich Windshield MARATHON - Carrier short (115mm) - smoked grey

Part No. 20230-205



Available as from the beginning of August 2024
Delivery time from stock availability 3-5 working days

Wunderlich MARATHON Windshield - Effective Wind and Weather Protection with Maximum Protection and Perfect Ergonomics for Every Body Size

Function and Product Features

  • Maximum protection and perfect ergonomics for every body size
  • Effective wind and weather protection
  • Significantly higher and much wider at the bottom, at the transition to the protectors, than the standard windshield
  • Maximum ergonomic relief for head, upper body, and shoulders from wind pressure due to the aerodynamic shape
  • Noticeably reduced turbulence
  • Pronounced long-distance comfort through ergonomic optimization
  • Thanks to a special manufacturing technique, the windshield does not require an edge protection and offers perfect visibility
  • The design consistently follows the flyline - the windshield integrates perfectly into the overall layout
  • Includes mounting kit
  • With ABE*

Note: This windshield is designed for models with the short windshield mount, with a screw spacing of 115 millimeters.
The short windshield mount with 115 millimeter screw spacing is the standard windshield mount on the F 800/750 GS. If your F has a long windshield mount with 160 mm screw spacing (can be optionally ordered when purchasing the F 800/750 GS), please order the windshield #20230-105. If your F, on the other hand, has the optional, original windshield adjustment, please use the MARATHON windshield with order number #43971-002.

If your F, on the other hand, has the optional, original windshield adjustment, please use the MARATHON windshield with order number #43971-001

Technical Data

  • Material
    • Very high-quality, optically pure, highly durable, scratch-resistant, UV and petrol-resistant PMMA plastic for optimal visibility
  • Dimensions
    • Component thickness 5 mm
    • Height in mm: 460
    • Width in mm: 350
    • 70 mm higher than the original windshield
  • Colour
    • Smoky grey

Your Wunderlich Benefits

  • Wunderlich product. Small series. Handmade.
  • Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated.
  • Made in Europe
  • With ABE*
  • Wunderlich 60/5
    • 60-day return policy - test without risk!
    • Plus 5 years warranty.

MARATHON windshield - Comfortable and Relaxed on the Road Thanks to Wunderlich's Typical Aerodynamic Design

The proven product features of our MARATHON windshields ensure relaxed riding on your BMW F 750/800/850 GS with effective wind and weather protection, ergonomics, and pronounced long-distance comfort, and thus - incidentally - more passive safety.

It is aerodynamically inclined towards the rider. It is significantly higher and wider at the bottom than the original windshield. The aerodynamically optimized shape noticeably calms and dampens any turbulence of the slipstream. Thanks to its dimensions, it provides optimal relief from wind pressure for the head, upper body, and shoulders. Thus, the elegantly integrated MARATHON windshield fully demonstrates its potential on long and short journeys, in all seasons, offering maximum protection and perfect ergonomics for every body size alongside comfortable, relaxed riding enjoyment.

*The tests for the BMW F 800 GS (2023-) at the technical service have been successfully completed. The administrative process for issuing the ABE is expected to be completed shortly. We will send you the ABE without you having to request it.
Variant: Carrier short (115mm)
Product type: Screens & Wind protection
Color: smoked grey
5 Jahre Garantie 60 Days Return ABE ERGO Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany Probefahren in Ringen
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