Today's Topic: Winter Tire Requirements for Motorcycles

Many car owners believe that there is a general winter tire requirement in Germany. However, this is not the case. According to the Road Traffic Regulations, there is only a situational obligation. This means that winter tires are only required when road conditions are wintry (snow, slush, ice, or frost). Outside of such conditions, it is possible to drive with summer tires even during the winter months.

Similarly, many motorcycle owners are unsure about the specific requirements for motorized two-wheelers in winter weather.

The fact is that the aforementioned situational winter tire requirement has not applied to single-track motor vehicles for several years. More precisely, the legislature does not specify how a motorcycle or scooter should be equipped with tires in winter conditions. This is also because there are no winter tires for motorcycles that meet current legal requirements (marked with the Alpine symbol). Motorcycle tires with the M+S designation are not considered winter tires in the legal sense.

Regardless of the weather, setting out with a single-track vehicle is still a bad idea, especially in snow and ice. Firstly, because the law only allows unavoidable trips (and only in the absence of alternative means of transportation), and at a maximum speed of 50 km/h (§2 para. 3a StVO). Secondly, the motorcycle should be better off staying still in such conditions, as the risk of falling is simply too high.

A motorcycle tour on cold, dry winter days without ice and snow is, however, entirely possible if you adapt your driving style to the weather conditions. The cold-induced reduced tire grip requires a defensive, anticipatory driving style with larger safety distances and reduced cornering speed. Be cautious in wet conditions as well. Especially in shaded areas, on bridges, or in depressions, frost and ice may occur. If you are surprised by snow or black ice while on the road, it is advisable to leave your two-wheeler parked.

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Supple Muscles for Winter Rides

Warm and dry hands are of enormous importance when riding a motorcycle in winter. This applies to the entire body. Only with supple muscles can we operate our bike properly. Performing an evasive maneuver with full body engagement is not possible with stiff, frozen, cramped muscles. Keeping the hands and the entire body warm has, apart from the cozy feeling, a significant impact on safety. Anyone who has been on the road with frozen, stiff, perhaps already numb fingers knows what we are talking about. Operating the clutch, brake, and throttle, securely handling the handlebar controls are crucial for safely guiding our motorcycle – and this can only be achieved with supple, functioning hands. Through constant regulation and control using the entire body, we must put our motorcycle, an unstable single-track vehicle, into a physically secure, stable state. Otherwise, it becomes dangerous.

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