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In the current issue of INSIDE Wunderlich Magazine #4, we extensively introduced the Essen Institute for Motorcycle Safety and its Institute Director, Matthias Haasper. The motorcycle scientists offer numerous publications, such as the StreckenHeld app and the very interesting newsletter called "Wochenendcheck." Here, we present interesting topics from the Wochenendcheck.

Winter Tire Obligation

Many car owners believe that there is a general winter tire obligation in Germany. However, this is not the case. According to the Road Traffic Regulations, only a situational obligation exists. This means that one is only allowed to drive with winter tires in wintry road conditions (snow, slush, ice, or frost) according to the law. Apart from such road conditions, driving with summer tires is possible even in the winter months.

Similarly, many motorcycle owners cannot precisely say what is required for motorized two-wheelers in winter weather.

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Like in the Clouds

Singer-songwriter Reinhard Mey imagined boundless freedom above the clouds. For motorcycle riders, however, the idea of great freedom is associated with a very earthly feeling, an experience that can still be enjoyed on autumn tours.

However, carefree, unattached "roaming" faces weather-related limits in the third season. Unpleasant accompaniments in traffic during November include morning and evening fog as well as suddenly appearing fog banks. It not only appears as if you are suddenly driving through a wall of clouds; in fact, ground fog is a kind of low-lying cloud where water vapor has condensed on tiny suspended particles in the air.

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