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The instrument cluster and fairing/windshield are held in place by a plastic bracket. The less than optimal support leads to an annoying movement and vibration of the entire assembly.

We have designed this reinforcement bracket that stabilizes and eliminates the shaking components. At the same time, this part provides a place to install an additional electrical power outlet or auxiliary light switch or attach a GPS, etc.

These brackets are made of powder coated stainless steel without sharp edges. The attachment points allow to compensate for possible tolerance variations.

This part is advisable for any windshield that attaches to the original bug windshield attachment points. If you have our »ERGO«-R windshield, this part is not absolutely needed.

Note: If you want to install an additional accessory plug outlet, please see part number 8600670 under the Related Products tab.

Product type: Screens & Wind protection
5 Jahre Garantie 60 Days Return Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany
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