MOTOREX Impregnating Spray - PROTEX - 500 ml

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Content: 500 ml (€25.80 / 1000 ml)

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Textile and leather impregnation. Highly effective, long-lasting protection against moisture and oil. Suitable for leather, textiles and microfibres (e.g. GORE-TEX®), retains the natural breathability of the fabric. Ideal for footwear, motorbike, ski and bike clothing, convertible tops and other sports and leisure items.

Field of application:
MOTOREX Impregnating Spray PROTEX is ideally suited for impregnating shoes, motorbike, ski and bike clothing, convertible roofs and other sports and leisure articles.

Spray on the material and allow to dry well. If necessary, polish smooth leather and brush rough leather. Renew the impregnation after each cleaning. Spray stressed areas several times.


  • water repellent
  • oil repellent
  • Breathable
  • high-yield
  • silicone-free

The material to be sprayed should be dry and clean. Check dyed materials for colour fastness and resistance. Light-coloured leather may darken. Do not use on wood and rubber. Shake before use.

MOTOREX - Oil of Switzerland

Variant: 500 ml
Product type: Cleaning & Maintain
Made in Europe
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