MOTOREX Motorbike cleaner MOTO CLEAN PLUS - 5000 ml

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Content: 5000 ml (€13.98 / 1000 ml)


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Motorbike cleaner MOTO CLEAN PLUS is a fast-acting motorbike cleaner on a biological basis and is therefore environmentally friendly. The optimised power formula ensures thorough cleaning of the motorbike. Thanks to its strong cleaning power, excellent results are achieved after only a short contact time. The cleaner can be used pure or mixed with water. The 5-litre container is ideal for refilling the economical pump spray bottle of MOTO CLEAN PLUS 45713-000 motorbike cleaner with the high-quality, 360° rotating hand sprayer.

Product features:

  • Formulation with lower pH value
  • Better distribution of the product on surfaces
  • Very good compatibility with rubber, plastic and metal
  • ready-to-use, but can be mixed with water at a ratio of up to 1:3 for light soiling
  • the separately available pump spray bottle 45713-000 can be reused several times with the 5L refill container


  • First test for compatibility in an invisible place.
  • Then spray the cold motorbike briefly with water.
  • Apply MOTOCLEAN PLUS motorbike cleaner in a fine, lightly foaming layer.
  • Spray the machine when cold from a distance of approx. 50 cm, leave to take effect (max. 3 min.) and rinse off with plenty of water.
  • Remove heavy soiling with a sponge or soft brush if necessary.
  • Do not use in the sun
  • Do not allow to dry

Motorbike cleaner MOTO CLEAN PLUS is ready to use and does not need to be diluted. For lighter soiling, Motorcycle Cleaner MOTO CLEAN PLUS can be mixed up to a cleaner/water ratio of 1:3 and used as described above. For cleaning carbon parts, use at least a 1:1 mixed solution due to the sensitivity of the material.

MOTOREX - Oil of Swizerland

You will find the safety data sheet on the Instructions tab.

Variant: 5000 ml
Product type: Cleaning & Maintain
Made in Europe
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