Liedermacher Reinhard Mey imagined boundless freedom above the clouds. For motorcycle riders, however, the idea of great freedom is associated with a very earthly feeling, an experience that can still be enjoyed even on autumn tours.

Yet, carefree, unattached "Rumstromern" encounters weather-related limitations in the third season. Unpleasant accompaniments in traffic during November include morning and evening fog as well as suddenly appearing fog banks. It’s not just an illusion; it feels as if you're suddenly driving through a wall of clouds. In reality, ground fog is a type of low-lying cloud where water vapor has condensed on tiny airborne particles.

Tips for Driving in Fog
If you find yourself in a fog bank while driving, extreme caution is necessary. Due to severely limited visibility, you should immediately reduce your speed and adjust to the visibility conditions. In dense fog, even walking speed may be necessary. If you can't see anything at all, the only solution is to stop at a safe place and turn on the hazard lights.

As the sense of speed diminishes in fog, control your speed. Maintain a significant safety distance from vehicles ahead and always be prepared to brake. Avoid overtaking, even if the preceding car seems to be driving too slowly. They probably can’t see much either.

In addition to poor visibility, moisture is present. A gentle, smooth driving style is required because the road may be slippery, especially if there are contaminants, such as residue from recent farm activities (farmyard manure), that cannot be detected in time.

Your eyes are heavily strained from staring into the fog and constantly being dampened by fine droplets on the visor. Concentration is at its peak. Add to that a sense of spatial disorientation, which can be unsettling on a motorcycle. If you have to ride through fog for a long time, take occasional breaks (and not too late). Use the opportunity to check and clean headlights and lights from dirt and moisture.

Our MICROFLOOTER 3.0 additional headlights or the intelligent DAYRON LED daytime running light/turn signal systems from our range significantly enhance your safety not only during foggy drives in the dark season.

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